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bar at Peter Luger's? transport situation?

I am taking someone special for a birthday dinner at Peter Luger's tonight. We may arrive a bit early for our reservation, and I was wondering if there is a bar for us to wait and sip at.
Also, do people generally take the J train to Marcy Station when going to Peter Luger's? If we want to catch a cab back to Manhattan, do we need to know a phone number or are there usually some queued up in front of the restaurant?

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  1. If I remember correctly there are no chairs at the bar. Or at least there weren't the few times I went. You just stand with the waiting crowd and swill bourbon, beer, and martinis.

    I saw plenty of taxis available there.

    1. There are no chairs at the bar but I don't find the PL bar to be particularly pleasant. It's jammed with a lot of people waiting for their table and call me an old fogie but I like to *sit* and sip my coctail. The good news is that there is a WONDERFUL bar just about across the street where you can have a drink. Here's a link to their website:


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        Second Dressler. Nice half-empty bar when we were there but bustling dining room. Good bar-tending although we didn't put his chops too much to the test as he was trying to sell my friend a car. (Only in New York.) IMO, the lights inside Luger seem too bright for bar-flying.

      2. Both Dressler's and Giando's are within 2 blocks of Lugers and are fine for a drink. Giando's has a panoramic East River view.


        Scroll down for more pictures, including a picture of the bar. (Click for a full size picture.) The restaurant is a few blocks south of the Williamsburg Bridge.


        As far as transportation goes, yellow cabs arrive at Luger's with some frequency. The maitre'd also has the number of a number of car services.

        1. there's also the south side lounge a bit further down broadway.

          1. Always plenty of cabs waiting out front.

            The bar at Luger is okay, but not great, that's for sure. Still, they DO serve booze. :)

            1. J/M at Marcy is by far the closest subway station. Then walk west(towards Manhattan) a few blocks down Broadway to Luger's.

              If experience is any guide you will probably be forced to spend some time waiting at the bar for your table, even with a reservation. Since, as noted above, it is not a terribly pleasant bar (although they do make some hellaciously strong drinks) you will probably be better off going the other places recommended here for a drink before your reservation time.

              1. I have never been in, but next door to Luger's is a "cigar" bar, but whenever i have walked by no one is smoking just drinking. I would try that or go across the street to Dressler, which could be crowded.

                1. The local car service is called Northside- number is 718-387-2222.

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                    Do you have an idea about how much it costs to get to Soho (6th ave and Spring)?

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                      they shouldn't charge you more than $15-16. it's $12 to get to the lower east side.

                  2. Thank you so much everyone! Chowhound is a lifesaver!