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Jan 5, 2007 01:47 PM

where is the best fish and chips in Toronto/GTA??

Anyone know?

I tried the following:

Chippys: nasty
St Andrews: disappointing
High Street: mediocre

I would be grateful for further advice.

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    1. re: Cereal Killer

      The posting you linked to was started by me.

      I still stand by Relibale (Queen E., just west of Carlaw). Great fish, fresh fish, nice options on types of fish, decent to good chips.

      But, I should add a couple of things:

      1. In most regards I have become a British-Style F&C convert (Coxwell and Dundas). The chips are just to die for and the fish is excellently fresh.

      My few complaints are: One, that the batter can (on rare occasions -- 3 out of about 10 times) be a little too thick/soggy for my liking -- but that is usually not the case if Ali (the owner) is the one working the fryers. I only get the thicker batter problem when its other people doing the cooking. Two, they don't keep to their posted hours! Luckily Reliable is only a few blocks away. Three, their menu is innacurate (they will do things not on it -- like fish-only orders).

      2. Since I go to classes at UofT, I have tried Harbord F&C once more and still don't get it. I find it consistently greasy and the fish not so fresh tasting!

      3. I tried Caz. Really good (I don't really rember specifics and it was only once). It's just not anywhere I am likely to be when I want F&C.

      1. re: Atahualpa

        I agree with your comments on British Style. The hand-cut chips are always done perfectly - if only the fish was.

      2. re: Cereal Killer

        Woodgreen fish and chips on Queen street East. North side of Queen between Braodview and Logan where the go tracks cross queen street. Also it is very inexpensive.

        1. re: smr714

          Woodgreen Fish n Chips is no longer in operation. Replaced by a Japanese sushi restaurant. Loved it in the mid 80s - a visit in 2003 was not enjoyable - it had slid downhill.

      3. I've seen people lined up for fish and chips at Penrose.....I think that's the name....On Mount Pleasant south of Eglinton

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        1. re: MissKMM

          ...and I will never understand why.

          1. re: deelicious

            Me either... though they are very nice people. I like Olde York Fish & Chips on Laird Drive.

            1. re: kawarthagirl

              I second Olde York.

              Also, Mississauga Marketplace Fish & Chips on Hurontario is really good. Stumbled across it last month while Xmas shopping. Tons of fish options, and they have peas on the side; if I recall, there was a thread a while back lamenting the lack of at many fish/chip places..

              1. re: NovoCuisine

                I've never been impressed with Olde York (never being twice!).
                My choice is Harbord Fish & Chips, whoo have the crispiest lightest batter. But I go in off-hours so that I can eat it straight out of the fryer at one of the four stools they have. I haven't found any fish & chips that works as take-out. Too soggy!

                1. re: estufarian

                  I went to Harbord during an off-peak hour, and the chips were good, but I felt that the halibut was really poor quality. Tough, dry, not the melt-in-your-mouth stuff I've had at My Place in Scarborough ( About My Place - the batter is more of a light tempura than the traditional beer batter, and skip the watery mushy peas.

              2. re: kawarthagirl

                Olde York on Laird Drive is TOPS! Speedy, and ALWAYS very fresh. Try the Fisherman's Platter; Fish & Chips plus 3 battered shrimp & 3 scallops. Best fries in town.

              3. re: deelicious

                Wow, Penrose are Number One. Very well known in the city. Crown Fish & Chips, closed over a decade ago in Broadview Chinatown (strange but true) was by far the best place in the city.

                1. re: BeeRich

                  I loved Crown Fish & Chips on Broadview just south of Gerrard. However, it's been closed way over a decade. In fact, it's been closed since the mid or late eighties. It was taken over that long ago by an Asian establishment in East Chinatown.

                  It was one of the few places when you were just a kid and couldn't afford fish & chips during school lunch breaks, you ended up only buying the amazing chips back in the days of your youth. However, they offered something that few F&C shops have these days with the chips. They were always kind and gave you generous amounts of 'fish crumbs' with your chips. This was the leftover fried batter from the halibut fish called 'fish crumbs' at some F&C shops.

                  Admittedly, I'm a fish & chips connoisseur and it was my all-time favorite F&C shop in the whole wide world. Just the fact that someone even mentioned the place has made me very nostalgic and I want some CROWN FISH & CHIPS now!!! :(

                  1. re: YummyYummy

                    Yes, it was mine as well. Amazing that it's been gone for so long and we both remember it. It was really a special place.

                    1. re: YummyYummy

                      Nova F&C in the beaches also offered "Fish bits" as they called it. Even tho there were no fish in the bits.

                    2. re: BeeRich

                      Yes ! I second Penrose. Unpretentious but delicious.

                  2. re: MissKMM

                    Yes that is it & on Fridays they used to make home made lemon merangue pie. Not sure if they still do..

                    1. re: MissKMM

                      Penrose?! Ick. It smells just going in. I never understand its success.

                      1. re: MissKMM

                        I love Penrose. My palate prefers Penrose to Olde York

                      2. I tried Regent Park Fish and Chips a couple weeks ago and was thoroughly impressed.

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                        1. re: knuckles

                          Malt n Salt Fish & Chips is worth getting lost to find this place. Recently going east on the 401 I got off at the Whites Rd exit in Pickering and headed south. Turned left at the second light and ended up finding this place accidentally. If you like Fish and Chips, this is one place you have to try. Good portions (fries feed 3), clean place, friendly service. Hidden out of the way but not hard to find, now.

                          1. re: cerqum

                            Malt 'n Salt is in my 'hood and I'm a Friday regular. I like it better than Jaspers and another place in Whitby (Frying Scotsman?) which served dried out thin haddock.
                            The two women who run Malt 'n Salt prefer haddock to halibut as it is cheaper ($6 F&C) and a well managed resource which is not true for cod or halibut.

                        2. Malt 'n Salt, is a good fish fix in east Scarboro or west Pickering. They have a lunch special, haddock and chips, $5

                          1. British Style Fish and Chips at Dundas and Coxwell.


                            Without a doubt the best fish and chips I have every had.

                            Before discovering it my partner and I would get fish and chips maybe once a year. Since discovering it we seem to be going practically every week. so, in fact, it was a very bad discovery for us to make...

                            But yes, stunning.

                            My mum mocked me about how far I was driving just to get fish and chips, until she tasted them of course...

                            There are a couple tables you can sit at and eat, although mostly it is a take out place. My partner and I were musing though about how it would probably *even better* to eat in, because then the fish and chips wouldn't have had any time in the newsprint wrapper.

                            I haven't tried many places in Toronto, Regent Park Fish and Chips is pretty much the only place, and they are good. But without a doubt, this was the best I've EVER had.

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                            1. re: mainja

                              I drove by Regent Fish and Chips last week and noticed it was closed.