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Will Morton's Rotisserie - Greenwich - great ribs and chicken!

Been to this little bistro-esque place a couple of times now...like it a lot. Good BBQ ribs and chicken. Great venison burger. Good beer list too.

The 2 guys that run the place are really friendly...go way out of their way on the service front. The bistro is located in a sort of small strip mall on 280 Railroad ave. in Greenwich...just 2 mins up from the train station. The front of it kinda looks like a fast food joint but inside it has a more "restaurant" feel. Small but cosy. The times I have been the place has been more or less empty and perhaps their location is something to do with this as they are off the main foodie area of Greenwich ave. But I hope this doesn't harm them in the long run. Great lo-cost addition to the area. Fellow CT and NY hounds go check 'em out for a casual dinner or lunch!


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  1. scotty, thx for the link. i gotta tell you, tho, it better be good with these prices. Even by FFD county standards, these are pretty pricey for chix and ribs. Will definitely give it a try when in the G'hood.

    Glad you joined the FFD discussions. There are only a few of us CH'ers in the county and having another voice is always welcomed.

    If you travel near Waterbury (MIL and FIL live that way)and want to try another really good venizon burger (you may want to all ahead as it was off the menu last month) there is the Good News Cafe off exit 16 on 84, 3.5 miles north. Excellent.

    1. Jfood...yeah...I take your point on the price front...perhaps I am comparing to Manhattan too much where I generally pay more for the same. However, that said, it is probably on average slightly cheaper than most places in Greenwich and when I compare it price-wise to the over-rated Boxcar Cantina (18 bucks for a straight-up chicken burrito??!! Puuuhhhleeeasse...) 2 mins up the road from them I think it represents ok value.

      I have been happy to eat here twice now and as it's just round the corner I am aiming to give these guys more business. Their daily specials have been quite creative when I've been there and a twist from their more standard bbq menu. This suggests to me that they have some flair in waiting for those willing to explore...:)

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        Gotcha Scotty.

        New work assignment brings me 2-3 days a week into NYC. Am busy scrambling to find places midtown for a quick take-away lunch at the desk.

        Will report back after I sneak over to Mort's.

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          Thanks for the heads up. Not sure why I hadn't spotted the place - I drive by there all the time.

          Yeah, Boxcar was the first "mexican" place I went to after moving here to the East Coast. Wow, that was a disappointment. Thankfully, I found very good mex only 10 minutes away.

          About Morton's... they talk alot about smoked meat... do you know if they are actually smoking their ribs/pulled pork? Or is it rotisserie (and if it is rotis, can you tell if they are using wood smoke?).

          Finally, on the rotis chicken, how does it compare to good old peruvian pollo ala brasa? I'd be ok forking out $9 for a 1/2 chicken if it is as good or better than what I can get down the road in Port Chester for a little cheaper at the many peruvian places.

          Regardless, this is a good find. Thanks for the tip!

        2. Sounds great- must give it a try! Is it a counter or sit down service? Thanks for the new find!

          1. Yeah the service thing was a bit confusing to me the twice I've been there...I think the idea is to order yourself at the counter and they bring it over but as both times I've been the place has been very quiet so we just sat down and the guys came over to us and took our orders etc.!

            Adam - those are good questions...don't have the answers for you at the moment but I can find out next time. And no, haven't ventured into Port Chester for any Peruvian Pollo...can you suggest a good place? Also, where is the good mexican you mentioned? I was quite disappointed in boxcar cantina...I've had better burritos at Chipotle in Manhattan at about 1/2 the price...!

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              Hey Scotty... all that great food is down in Port Chester. But, if you are working in downtown greenwich, you can go down there, eat and be back in an hour np. Or, take it back and be back in 30 minutes.

              Best mexican down there is still Tortilleria Los Gemelos. The carnitas tacos are quite good. Very good actually. The tortas are good too. If you like burritos, they have them there too [appropriately called "gringo burritos" :) ]. They are huge and good. It is 167 Westchester Ave, in PC.

              Peruvian places... just about every other restaurant there is peruvian, it seems. My stand by is always Misti ala Brasa, on main street. Lots of people like acuario, but the one time I tried it it was only so so (but deserves a second try, definitely). The pollo ala brasa at misti is quite good. Others have also recommended Chavin, another peruvian place, but I haven't tried it yet.

              Another place for mexican is paleteria fernandez. It's a mexican ice cream store, but in cold winter months, they sell tamales, champurrado and hot elote. Very good. Chased down with a pistachio popcycle, it's about as close to heaven as we get in these parts. There's also another place... kiosko, which has huaraches, but I don't want to keep getting too off topic from your original post!

              And, lastly, for PC, you should check out Q, the BBQ place. Prices seem to be about the same as Morton's. But it is a traditional BBQ place, but done extremely well. Huge smoker in the middle of the place, with great pulled pork and brisket. Same service set up, it sounds, where you order & pay at the front then sit down and they bring it to you. Great place. My favorite BBQ place in the tristate, actually.

              Thanks again and glad you are up here working or whatever it is that allows you to report on the foods. We always need all the reports we can get.

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                You had me going until you said Q. If there was ever a soulless BBQ place, it's Q. They "smoke" their meats way to quickly at too high a temp so everything is full of fat and gristle. true smokehouses cook their meats "low and slow" over wood coals, not in ovens like Q has.

                Misti alla Brassa is a good call, never been to Tortilleria but El tio is good.

                1. re: FoodMan88

                  I totally disagree on Q. Their fault isn't their smoking method, it's their problem with dousing their pulled pork with too much sweet sauce. Ribs are sub par there, but sliced brisket (flat, not point) is far and above any I can find anywhere around these parts. On a bad day, it's good. On a good day, it's fabulous.

                  (also, when I've had bad Q at Q, it's never been because they cook too high, it's because they cook it too LONG and it's too tender (falls off bone completely) and a bit dry (as in the ribs)).

                  If you like El Tio, go to Tortilleria. Light years ahead in both authenticity and quality. Went to El Tio once 5 years ago and have never been back.

            2. Thanks for the tips Adam...I haven't ventured into PC to eat yet but definitely will on the back of your suggestions. I have been living in Greenwich for nearly a year now...transplant from Manhattan's UWS. Still work in the city but increasingly have begun to explore more food options locally in and around Greenwich. PC next on my list!

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                An ex-UWS needs to expand both to PC and SONO (South Norwalk). SONO is turning into a great eating spot with numerous resto's. When ur ready ask for a list and a few of us can guide you through the maze.

                Welcome to FFD and happy chowing.

              2. It is hard for a Southerner to find good ribs in the North so when I tried Morton's Rotisserie I was pretty sceptical - what a surprise, they were amazing. I had to ask for some extra BBQ sauce but besides that there is not much more I could ask for in a rib (except maybe a discount, but these ribs are definitely top of the line) and the corn bread was perfect.

                I liked the ribs so much I asked for a tour of the place - the Southern Pride smoker brought tears to my eyes and the rotisserie is as authentic as they come (no Boston Market junk). The food is creative and thoughtful, some pretty unique entrees and salads (I am going to try the venison bacon burger next time) and it is a great addition not only to Greenwich but to the North - more ribs please.

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                1. re: Texas

                  Have you been to Q in Port Chester yet? Great brisket and pulled pork too... just 10 minutes away.

                2. Scotty100-We hit Will Morton's tonight and were not impressed whatsover. Not only was it overpriced, but the waitstaff and owner were rude and the food was average. The chicken was not that moist, the macaronia and cheese was nothing more than small shell noodles with a sprinkling of dry bread crumbs, and the chicken tenders were tough. I would not suggest this restaurant. Much better chicken/bbq out there.

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                    KC - sorry you had a bad experience. Have to say, yeah...I kinda agree on the food comment...last twice I've been it's been way off what it was back in Jan the first time I went. Haven't been back since April and probably won't bother if you are confirming it is still in decline somewhat...shame...it was genuinely good first few times I went there - never had the chicken though, always went with the ribs and venison burger. Oh well...onwards and upwards...:)

                    One final point...surprised you got bad service. The one thing I couldn't complain about was the service from the 2 guys who run the place. Went out their way to be very accommodating everytime I went there...surprised at that...I get the feeling they now put all their energy into lunch servings and what ever is left over gets reheated for the evening which is always very quiet...

                  2. I stopped by Will Morton's today and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I haven't been there in awhile but a friend of mine dragged me in and I had the chicken and veggie stew. The soup had tender chunks of white chicken and green beans and a wonderfully aromatic broth. It had the rich flavor of coq au vin but at much more reasonable cost! My friend had the pulled pork which was equally as good. You could actually taste the smoke since it was overpowered by some sweet BBQ sauce that everyone else uses. Overall I am glad I went back. I'm sure it will become my new lunchtime favorite!

                    Rotisserie Will Morton
                    280 Railroad Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

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                      I live in Goldens Bridge in Westchester. Is it worth the hike?

                      1. re: wincountrygirl

                        Definitely! It's a little far but I think its worth it! Do you have any kids? I was in there on Saturday and there were four families and four babies. It was a little rowdy but a very family friendly atmosphere. If you would rather not be there when a bunch of kids are there, I would try the weekday lunches or dinners. Either way, kids or no kids, the food was/is always fabulous.

                        Rotisserie Will Morton
                        280 Railroad Ave, Greenwich, CT 06830

                    2. I used to get take out all the time from this place..........food was always consistenly fresh, cooked properly and delicious.....their spicy bbq sauce is excellent....! Also cute little beer fridge with a great selection.