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Steak-Birthday Dinner; New Hampshire or North of Boston

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I am looking ideas for a good casual restaurant for steak either North of Boston or preferably in the Southern NH area. Price range would be in the $20-30 range, not too expensive, and NO chain restaurants. I'm looking for someplace unique, off the beaten path, etc. any thoughts?

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  1. How about the Hardcover on route 1 Peabody/Danvers? I am not a beef eater but my friends love the filet mignon.

    1. There's a relatively new place in Peabody - I think it's called Pellana, on Sylvan Street - that has gotten excellent reviews (although I haven't been):


      http://www.pellanarestaurant.com/ - they have a VERY impressive wine list with what seems (to me) pretty decent prices.

        1. Michael Timothy's in Nashua is very good. http://www.michaeltimothys.com/

          Apparently the owner has recently opened a steak house in Merrimack but I haven't heard much about it.

          I'm not certain that Portsmouth is exactly "southern" NH but Lindbergh's Crossing is *amazing*. http://www.lindberghscrossing.com/

          I forget with magazine named it best restaurant outside of Boston. It's one of my favorite restaurants anywhere. It's more expensive than Michael Timothy's but the food is far superior. The steak entree is $30. If you want to keep it casual sit upstairs in the wine bar. It's very cozy and casual and they serve the same menu as the dining room.

          1. I'm not so familiar with places up north, but I recently had dinner at the Black Cow in Newburyport with a supplier. They had at least 3 steak options on the menu and my sirloin was cooked perfectly. Casual atmosphere and it's right on the water. Big beer menu too, which is always a plus for me. Mid - high 20's for steak.

            1. Common Man in Windham off 93 is one of my personal faves

              1. I agree with both the Black Cow and the Hardcover. You'll have better scenery/atmosphere at the Black Cow in Newburyport -- IMO. It's right on the water, a more casual feel than the Hardcover.

                Also...and a little more expensive...you need to check out Gavin's in Middleton (Rte 114 pretty much right across the street from Richardson's ice cream) and a newer location in Beverly. Absolutely amazing food and service!

                ...on a side note with Gavin's...I drive by the 114 location every morning/night on my way to work/home and the last couple nights it has been closed - I hope they're just closed for renovations or vacation! Anyone know for sure?

                1. In Merrimack, NH, Buckley's Great Steaks. 438 Daniel Webster Highway. Same owners as Michael Timothy's and Surf in Nashua.

                  1. I second Gibbitt Hill Grill - fabulous steaks, great atmosphere

                    Michael Timothy's in Nashua is excellent as well.

                    1. Silo's in Merrimack is also very good but cheaper than Buckleys. www.silossteakhouse.com

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                        We went to Silo's tonight, had never been before. We were underwhelmed. Mediocre steak, and the stuffed shrimp were 3 butterfled jumbo stuck in a gluey mass of pasty "stuffing", studded with small overcooked bits of shrimp and scallop. Soulless American special occasion cuisine.

                      2. Gavins is very good - don't know about them being closed or not. My favorite is their other restaurant in Beverly Farms, G2. Great atmosphere, ambiance and the best steaks I've had in a restaurant.

                        1. Ron's Landing on Hampton Beach has a great menu. They mainly serve: steak, chops, pasta and seafood and do them all impeccably. It's well worth the trip and a good pub scene to boot. Be sure to make reservations if you're doing dinner.

                          Here's the link: http://www.ronslanding.com/

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                            Have you been to Ron's lately? There was a thread recently in which someone said it's changed hands, and declined:

                            1. re: srgoodman

                              Well I'm glad somebody read that thread "srgoodman", I posted the original inquiry if you'll notice. I only got the one response so the wifes said we were going despite the luke-warm response. For some reason I couldn't find the original thread when I did a search to do a follow-up report. So...I posted a separate follow-up thread. We've been there three times since NYE.


                              1. re: Harp00n

                                Oops, guess I should have read the bylines as well as the articles!
                                I'm glad Ron's Landing worked out for you, and I've made a mental note to read more carefully, to avoid being lamp00ned by Harp00n in the future! ;-)

                          2. Harp00n, I just can't picture where this is. If I'm coming from Seabrook, over the bridge, how far past the Hampton River is it? Left or right? Thanks!

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                              Hi "TGB",
                              I just love your handle, by the way. It's probably a little over a mile after the bridge and definitely on the left since it's all beach to the right, at this point:-) Rte.101 terminates @ 1/4 mile south of 379 Ocean Blvd./Rte.1A. You'll pass the Casino on your way. At that point you can either use the town's median strip parking, directly across from Ron's, or go to the end of the beach and reverse direction. Their valet parking is directly adjacent to the restaurant. Sorry for being windy but it might help other Chowhounds who are less familiar with the area.

                              My turn, if I may: tell me about Jimmy's Stonebridge in Pittsfield. I've never seen a review on these boards. Secondly, have you ever been to Holy Smokes BBQ & Whole Hog House in W. Hatfield? I just love that name. I know you're a 'Que Gal and I haven't been there either

                            2. I recommend Depot Square Steakhouse in Derry, NH.

                              Food is great and reasonably priced for quality steak. One caveat - it gets noisy. But if you like it lively, this is a good place to go.


                              1. We were quite happy with the Library Restaurant in Portsmouth -- but I think the entrees alone are in the $20-30 range, which may not be what you meant... www.libraryrestaurant.com

                                1. I know this may sound absurd, but I went to the Texas Roadhouse a year or so, and the
                                  steak was excellent. The prices were reasonable, great salads too.

                                  I believe it is in Methuen, right near the NH line, on Rt. 28.

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                                    It's not absurd at all, several Hounds have given favorable reviews of Texas Roadhouse.They do what they do exceedingly well chain or no. I love the Oak Room's and the Davio's of this area. But I don't want to get dressed-up and schlep in to Boston every time a rib-eye would be nice. Nor do I want pay the, close to similar, "event" pricing at Gaven's, Coach Grill, etc. when all's I wants is a middle of the week chow down in jeans.

                                    1. re: Harp00n

                                      Harp00n, you and I are on the same wavelength. So many hounds are against Chains, but some of them are good and Texas R. is a great place to get a steak or ribs. I like going in Jeans and my kids and my partner and I sit and eat peanuts, and listen to good country music. YeeHaw!!!

                                      1. re: othervoice

                                        It's OK--could do without the hellish happy birthday antics.

                                        1. re: whs

                                          C'mon, we aren't talkin' Chuckie Cheese 24/7 here. Even though I don't have kids, that would hardly stop me from vicariously enjoying the occasional Bday party.

                                          1. re: Harp00n

                                            Hey, we pretentious snobs are people too! I like some fuss over a birthday, but when they jump up on a chair, point an overhead light in your face, and have the waitresses line dance and shriek at the top of their lungs, I get a little bashful.

                                            1. re: whs

                                              Okay, so now you got me rollin' on the floor laughing!
                                              As I previously mentioned we don't have any "blessed events".
                                              So when I'm spending the "big bucks" I'd like options.
                                              Just like in the bad old days of smoking or non-smoking: kids or no-kids.
                                              When my Irish-American Princess is walking on the ground that I worship
                                              I don't need to be humoring some else's Little Princess.
                                              See now you've made me voice the bad things in my head.
                                              That being said, I go to Texas Roadhouse knowing what it is and like it.

                                              P.S. You should try line dancing sometime.
                                              Me? Not me, but you should :-)