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Jan 5, 2007 11:45 AM

Bought Bittman's Book - How To Cook Everything ... Any Tips?

What recipes are really good? What have you tried that did work out? Any tips for using? General comments?

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  1. Bring it on Bittman!!! Come to my kitchen!

    1. I love this book. It was the first cookbook I ever got (back in uni) and it is a great standard to have on hand.

      I love the recipe for Lemon Chicken (with leeks) - it's very simple, but turns out beautifully.

      I also enjoy making the baguette recipe - with the technique in the book, you can actually make a decent baguette.

      More often than not though, I use it as a resource to just find out more about my ingredients, about cuts of meat, different cooking techniques and then use it as an inspiration to create my own food.

      1. I use Bittman as a basic core reference, like the Joy of Cooking. I find it's hard to go far wrong with most of his recipes, although I think his weakest area is when he tried to go Asian. I do a lot of Chinese and Indian cooking and every Asian recipe of his that I've tried has been disappointing. For a real basic, try the roast chicken. You stuff it with herbs and lemon, sear it in a cast iron pan and roast it in the same pan. And the wine gravy is delicious. That's always a hit in our house.

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          Exactly on the money with the Asian point. Disaster. I'll never forgive him for the dirty noodles recipe. It was dirty alrite.

        2. I use it all the time - we love the "shrimp, my way" and there's a braised chicken thigh recipe (don't have the book with me at the moment - but it has lemon and cayenne?) which is awesome. I've also liked the fish in foil packets recipe. I like the options he gives at the end of recipes, too.

          1. Bittman's tips on how to cook beef are spot-on. I learned how to make the BEST steak (p. 425-426) in the world from this book. Here's a link to my post on the steak, with the method:


            The "Classic Beef Stew" recipe (p. 435) is very good.

            The roasted root vegetable recipe (p. 615) is very good.

            The general recipes on how to cook veggies (i.e. baked potato, artichokes, etc.) are all right on (friends of mine had a debate a while back that boiling artichokes was the "best" way to do it, but Mark Bittman says to steam, which is always how I was taught to do it, so I felt very vindicated ;-


            As you can see from the above, I tend to use this book for how to cook basics and cooking methods, for which I've found it invaluable.