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Jan 5, 2007 11:42 AM

Favorite Marinara Sauce in a Jar

My wife uses the 16-oz. jar of Colavita, and sometimes she extends the volume with a can of Hunt's No Salt Added.

Neither of these products contains High Fructose Corn Sweetener. We used to use a canned product with an Italian name until we read the ingredients list on the label. The current producer has added HFCS to the product that once was a superior one.

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  1. There was just a thread about this:

    My favorite is the Trader Joe's organic vodka sauce. It is to die for--I only add extra-hot red pepper flakes and loads of freshly-grated parmesan

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      Yes, I saw the other thread with over 50 replies. I figured that with so many replies no one would read mine.

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        No problem :) Just wanted to make sure you saw it, too. And you're probably right about all the replies.

    2. I like the classico brands. I especially like the 4 cheese one or the tomato/basil.

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        We have used Classico sauces for years, and I saved and use some of the 26-oz. jars to store herbs and homemade condiments. My wife decided that she wanted to fund a restaurant thru purchases of the more expensive marinara and olive oil. I saw this restaurant on the grounds of the Culinary Institute of America in NY.

      2. I like Newman's. I will eat any of the varieties, but my picky kids only like the basic marinara.

        1. Victoria--especially the artichoke. not sure how widely available it is, but it is certainly in sahadis in brooklyn

          1. Bertolli brand won the Cooks Illustrated taste test, and I have to admit that having tried it, it's been hard to go back to the other brands. Bertolli has a bright fresh tomato flavor, and not overly sweet the way most jarred sauces are. I've liked all the varieties I've bought.

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              I'm a Bertolli-ite too. Not sweet, good tomato flavor. I go with the basic marinara.