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Jan 5, 2007 11:41 AM

Sahale Snacks from Target??


Someone mentioned these snack mixes on another post, and they look really intriguing! Has anyone tried them and can give some mini reviews???


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    1. Do you happen to know the cost range of these products?? I'd love try them, but they look a bit pricey on the website..

      Thanks for any help,

      Uncle Ira

      1. are any of the flavours entirely savoury i.e. not at all sweet?

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        1. Costco here in the SF bay area had the Sing Buri blend last month. Good taste but a bit pricey - it was $6.99 for 10-12oz bag(?). Fuzzy on the exact size but it was not big for a Costco when you compare that to their 40oz of basic mixed nuts for $10.99.

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            1. I had to go to Target yesterday for an item and browsed the Sahale aisle...they were on "sale" (snicker) 5 ounces for $4.00 so I chose the Valdosta blend as the ingredients sounded most delicious to me. I really don't think they are worth the price; I can make spiced pecans at home that taste much, much better. Just my take on it.