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Jan 5, 2007 05:59 AM

Need reccomendations for Cool Restaurants that serve great food in L.A.

I'm talking about places like The Hungry Cat, Luna Park, Asia de Cuba, Katana...

I've been to the trendier ones like Dolce (blech), but can anyone reccomend any place with a hip atmosphere that also serves good food?


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  1. BLD tends to have a hipster vibe. Mozza might fit that bill, too. What exactly are you looking for in the atmosphere, as one's definition of "hip" can be broadly interpreted.

    1. Eat at the bar at Jar. Hip (not hipster) and great food and drink. Ditto for AOC...

      1. By hip, I'm assuming you're meaning restaurants Paris Hilton would be happy at. Bridge is a step or two `hipper' than Dolce and has better than bearable Italian food. Social Hollywood's neo-Moroccan cooking isn't bad. Wilshire's organic post-steakhouse cuisine can be delicious. Simon is good. And although they haven't quite caught on yet, Blue Velvet and Royale are both very serious restaurants with very serious decor.

          1. If you seriously need the food to be great, BLD absolutely meets the bill. Beyond the hip atmosphere and the very nice decor and the always-crowded-with 21-32 year-olds, the food is the best for the price in L.A. The steak, at 25 dollars inclusive of a sauce and two sides, is the very best steak value in the city and the hamburburger, if desired and ordered at medium-rare / rare, is among the best two or three burgers in the city.

            And then there are all the other amazing dishes... pork sandwich, crab burger, short rib sandwuch, steak salad, blue cheese iceberg salad, all the salad specials, the pork specials, etc, etc.

            The other option is Jar... very cool and comfortable inside... feels very exclusive and posh, whilst relaxed. It's quite expensive but the food is just about as good as it gets in L.A. If they are serving a kobe-style-beef special it's definitely the best steak to order... otherwise get the kansas city, and then order anything else on the menu that looks appetizing, 9 times of of 10 its phenomenal.

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              I love BLD; I often just stop in and eat at the bar while I people watch (and crepe-watch).