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Jan 5, 2007 05:25 AM

Wine Shipping Problem

When I visited Germany a few years ago I found a particular wine I liked and went on line and ordered 6 bottles. The problem is US Customs has it sitting in New Jersey and the only way I can get it is to go and pick it up, send someone to pick it up or they say I can use a "shipper". I live in the Pittsburgh area and only have about 10 days left of my 30 days to pick it up before they "discard" it. Any suggestions on who these shippers are that I can be in contact with to go there and get it and ship it to me? UPS will not do it.

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  1. Pennsylvania is a control state. Here's a link to the Liquor Control Board's consumer page with information on licensed direct wine shippers.

    1. My wine shipping problem today:

      Here's what the FEDEX tracking for my shipment said...
      "No attempt made, delivery scheduled for next business day"

      Never seen that one before. ;)

      I always wine mule the bottles myself. With a good molded styrofoam shipping container inside wheeled luggage, I've never had breakage problems. When I know I'm flying to wine country, I go out with one empty bag. As long as you keep it under 50 pounds, there are no excess baggage charges. I've never paid duty.

      1. Once, when time was too short for Fedex or UPS to get something from Hawaii to NYC, I had it send it via a passenger flight. When it arrived in NYC I had to have someone pick it up. I used a messenger service to pick it up and deliver it.

        You might try and do the same. I'm sure you could find a messenger service to pick it up and they could also handle the shipping from UPS (or whomever) to you once "it's in the country". The question is whether it'd be worth the cost of doing so. Best of luck.


        P.S. Like the previous poster I've always just lugged it home as check-on luggage myself.

        1. I was at FedEx to pick up some wine recently and saw a pile of individual wine shipments which they had decided to hold/refuse to ship, because of state laws against personal shipping (even non commercial as gifts!) - question is: can you ship wine to yourself prior to travel or does this require a license of sorts, or are the regulations varied?

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            Each state has its own laws. You need to check with the state you are shipping the wine to.

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              No, wait a minute! That's not wine in your FedEx or UPS package. It's OLIVE OIL! That's right, that's the ticket. Yeaaahhh.

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                Which is OK as long as bottles don't brake during shipment.
                If they do, you're in deep s**t.

            2. Are you sure that UPS will not do it? I have had UPS ship wine to me in Pennsylvania (from California). The only requirement that they had was that someone 21 or up had to sign for it.

              I'd try calling UPS again and maybe you will get the right person.

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                I'm fairly certain that the issue is that the entity SHIPPING the wine has to be licensed to do so. Both UPS and FedEx have wine shipping divisions. The following is from the UPS site: "UPS only accepts packages containing wine from shippers who have signed and entered into a contract with UPS. UPS does not accept shipments of any other alcoholic beverages". The most significant feature of that 'contract' is that the shipper has documented that it is licensed by it's own state to ship wine.

                That is totally separate from the laws in the individual states as to who can or can't receive it.