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Jan 5, 2007 05:19 AM

Excellent Sushi in South Bay


I have been searching for excellent sushi in the South bay for a very long time, and I have finally found a sushi restaurant that can at least compete with the top restaurants in los angeles. The place is called Kanzen and is located in South Redondo Beach.

811 Torrance Blvd,
redondo beach, ca, 90277

The owners are super friendly, it is a large place with ample parking in front, has nice decor, and is in a nice neighborhood. Some of the really good sushi places are too far from the beach, in far-from fantastic neighborhoods, or are very small and cramped establishments. Anyhow, it has all the ingredients of a good comfortable establishment, so all they need is delicious food. In that category, they deliver.

We ordered blue fin tuna nigiri, yellow fin sashimi, poke tuna, crispy rice spicy tuna, and a few choice rolls. I am a sushi novice, so I could not unluck the full potential of this place, but what I did manage to order was VERY impressive. THe crispy rice sushi was EXCELLENT and if you havent tried it before, it is a must try. The fish was super fresh, and the rolls well prepared.

For anyone who loves sushi in the South Bay (especially beach cities) you have to check out this place. It is 10x better than the other sushi places.

Also, the owner and staff are former employees of Matsuhisa and they claim that they can make anything from Matsuhisa, so the huge sushi lovers can ignore the menu and just order Matsuhisa style.

This place was not as good as Matsuhisa, but it is a) In redondo beach where I live b) Half the price c) Almost as good (at least to me the novice).

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  1. Great review by the previous post. I couldn't agree more, but also wanted to give a review of my visits! I think this place is the best!

    It is located in Redondo Beach - near the intersection of Prospect Ave. and Torrance Blvd - in a mini strip mall. I think it's only been around for a few months but I've already been back to eat at least 6-7 times. The food is unbelievable and reasonably priced.

    The menu is really big - I often wonder how they are able to offer such a large menu and make it good - but every single dish I have ordered is spectacular! The quality of food, the staff, the presentation - there is no place in the South Bay that can compare! I'd even put this place above many other "name places" in LA that I've been to.

    I've had many different items from their menu - from their poke tuna, crispy rice, roasted shisito with spicy tuna, kobe skirt steak salad, duck with roasted figs, and steamed chilean sea bass - all excellent! And I haven't even mentioned their sushi - they always have the freshest sushi around and their specials - I've never even heard of half of them before - but at the recommendation of the staff - I've tried them and loved all of them. When they have live specials - I would really recommend them. You can really tell the difference with the live specials - makes it really hard to go back to frozen - and some other places try to pass off frozen as live - these guys give you the real good stuff.

    The staff and management are so helpful and friendly - they make you feel like a regular, even if it's your first time. I have recommended this place to all of my friends and they all love it. If you live in the South Bay - or even if you don't - this place is the best! It's well worth a visit!