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Jan 5, 2007 05:17 AM

Lebanon Bologna?


I'm curious, does anyone know where you can buy Lebanon Bologna in Los Angeles (preferably on the West Side - Santa Monica area)?

FYI - I am trying to make Speckknodel, a Tirolian Dumpling Soup, and my family always used Lebanon Bologna growing up - here's similar recipe I found on the web ( - it's good stuff :)

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  1. Boy, there's a memory. I'm from Philly and Lebanon Bologna was a staple in our fridge, what a great taste, I'm surprized it never made the journey west. I'd also like to know if it's sold out here.

    1. Alexander's Meats, in the Howie's in San Gabriel, brings in Lebanon bologna as well as Amish bacon.

      1. I'm from Allentown <g>. I see Lebanon Bologna occasionally in regular supermarkets (and I buy it - bologna and ketchup sandwiches - yum!) so I would suggest just checking the packaged lunch meats aisles anytime you're in a market. It's not always there, but sometimes you can find it.

        1. Gelsons (Century City, at least) has a sliced version.

          1. Using the power of google, I found this company. If you click on the "where to buy" you find the usual suspects. You might have to ask them to order the particular item you need.