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Jan 5, 2007 04:57 AM

I've come to praise Nicky D's

Yes, it's true. I had an excellent delivery experience with Nicky D's pizza in Silverlake the other night and wanted to finally post something good about the place.

I ordered a large with eggplant, sundried tomato, roasted garlic, extra cheese. It was delivered hot within 45 minutes. It wasn't cheap...about $23.00, but it was huge and the toppings were high quality and very tasty.

I'm not getting into the debate about what kind of crust is better, etc. It was a solid, good pizza on a wood fired thin crust and I was very pleased. Don't write these guys off just yet...

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  1. Oooh I just read about them & the freshly-rotisseried chicken (made in-house) that they use for their BBQ chicken pizza. Definitely something to look into when I'm in Silver Lake area (how am I gonna finish a pizza on my own? that's another story...)


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      Don't do it. The chicken they make marinates over night in a brine, and it's bad. That chicken is really bad. The chicken is served with dry mashed potatoes and some mush that tastes vaguely like broccoli. Also very overpriced. There's a KFC down the street, if you want chicken made right go there.

      They cook the chicken and what is let over is put on pizza and salad.

      Stick with the pizza and hope you don't have to wait 20 minutes for your pick up after the time you were quoted.

    2. I like their pizza to eat-in or pickup (pre-heat oven to 450 while you go get it, then give it a brief warm-up/scorch upon arrival). That said, we tried the chicken plate once and it was a non-repeater.

      1. Yeah, I used to love their eggplant and prosciutto - tops in town on both toppings, but now they can't cook it enough so that prosciutto is anything more than floppy luke warm deli meat.

        1. I just think it's a drag that in such a thriving, "sophisticated" (questionable, I know) neighborhood there aren't a handful of other great pizza joints to choose from.
          Maybe this is still fallout from the low-carb craze?

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            Nicky D's is so inconsistant!

            Does Nicky D ever shut his mouth.


          2. I guess I had an unusually good experience here. We went there over the summer on a Sunday night. The setting was so nice and laid back. The pizza was really good and reminded me of this place my parents used to take me to in Springfield, MA when I was a kid. My husband even liked the chicken that everyone calls disgusting on this board. The service was the normal aloof LA type of service but no one was rude. I enjoyed the place.

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              I've also had good experiences with Nicki D's. I order from here regularly, and the delivery is quick and the pizza always good.

              I have to think that Fat Billie might have an axe to grind with Nicki D's, seeing as he/she felt it necessary to post two negative comments in such a short thread.

              1. re: DanaB

                I think that it's funny there's always someone on a Nicky D post to accuse a poster of having ulterior motives.