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Jan 5, 2007 04:53 AM

anyone been to celadon on 3rd st?

looks interesting, but these sort of places can be hit/miss.

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      1. re: carter

        Cool! And Chinese everywhere in SGV will have a heart attack at the prices on their "yam cha" menu -- the pricing everywhere else doesn't seem that bad... gotta see how the portions are first. Will check out soon.


        1. re: carter

          One has to ask how their location in the very popular 3rd and Fairfax area qualifies them as a "diamond in the rough" (as claimed on their website). A little pretentious IMO.

          1. re: aching

            Judging by the picture of the dining room on the website, I believe pretense is the operative word, not only for that restaurant, but indicative of many others nearby as well. Beware!!!

        2. I have been there (about a month ago), and think it's a worthwhile addition to Third. There were four of us, and we followed the server's recommendations, which mostly were well executed. I don't remember everything we had, but I do know we had the Ahi Tuna Caprese, 5 Spice Duck and Foie Gras, Braised Monkfish Pommodoro and the Roasted Flat Iron (check the menu for more detail).
          The tuna was as good as that dish can be, but I think sushi grade fish with any type of cheese is weird and disapointing. The tuna was great, but the flavor overwhelmed the mozzarella.
          The monkfish was very good, but there promised cous cous amounted to only about a tablespoon. The dish came across like a (delicious) cioppino, but the restaurant didn't have any bread (or enough cous cous) to sop up the remaining sauce.
          The duck and foie gras were excellent, as were the steak and latkes.
          The place was definately getting it's legs under it, and it seems like the kind of place that will continue to improve. They still need to organize their portions of each dish and the parts of each dish so they are more easily shared, which is what they encourage.

          1. We went last night. Certainly this is a serious effort to serve excellent, cutting edge fusion food that tastes good and is beautifully presented.

            I wouldn't say anything was a miss, but the short ribs were outstanding. As good or better than either that at Josie's or Lucques - which are both outstanding in there own right.

            Both the noodle dishes, Sichuan spicy and the crispy rice and noodles with seafood were addictive and the bao with 5 spice duck and foie gras were also remarkable in their creativity and melding of flavors.

            The two drinks we tried off of their bar menu were too sweet for our taste, but YMMV.

            Finally the chocolate souffle was quite good but the coffee was way, way, way too weak.

            Service was friendly, attentive and without any 'tude, even when I said "regular" water was fine. The GM/Owner(?), (older guy without much hair) came over a couple of times to check on us as well.

            Beautiful room too boot. Nothing wrong with the way this place is executing its food or service.

            1. great prices too. Everything there is between 12-16 dollars. and the wine btg is reasonable as well. they serve small plates - but not too small. We had the spicy tuna lollipops, which were delic. they're big on presentation and it's an inventive menu without being too weird. although caprese tuna....