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Jan 5, 2007 04:41 AM

Friday Night Dinner with a loved one

So after a long time working we have decided to have a fun night out. looking for recs for a fun dinner. Preferably a resto/lounge or around other lounges. Vegetarian options a must. Cuisine does not matter. Price between $50-$100.

Thanks all.

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  1. $50 - $100 for 2, right ? Have you tried Beer Bistro before ? Not quite sure if they have a Vegetarian dish, better check their website first ... but it is quite nice there, atmostphere is casual and relaxing.

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      I second the Beer Bistro!!! My boyfriend is a vegetarian and there are quite a few things on the menu that he can eat..he really loves their Beer Bread Blue Mushroom Pizza! We have been there tons of times and it is always good...just in the last week we have eaten there three times!! YUM!! If you are lucky you will get the funniest server named Kay...she is a laugh!!!

    2. If it doesn't need to be strictly vegetarian, Italian restaurants can provide many veggie options with a romantic setting to boot. Any particular neighbourhood or should we assume the Entertainment/Kensington Market district?

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        Actually anywhere downtown or midtown would be perfect. Does Rosebud have a website?

      2. Supermarket in Kensington maybe? Torito next door? If you're only having a drink each, perhaps Rosebud on Queen West could slide in under $100. Coca on Queen?

        1. Hi there,

          If you want a truly romantic yet fun experience i urge you to try The Ethiopian house (


          You want to order the vegetarian sampler for 2 its a medley of wonderfully flavorful dishes on a giant injera bread with injera on the side.

          Have fun feeding eachother because there are no utensils at this restaurant. It's quite the experience and the food is amazing :)

          It's also quite reasonable in price :)

          1. Fun and Romantic in the downtown area?.. ever try Sultan's Tent?

            4 course prix fixe for $40 each, includes belly dancing with a mini table side lesson. Sample menu contains vegetarian option. Call ahead for a reservation.