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Jan 5, 2007 04:20 AM

Detroit / Windsor Recommendations

I will be visiting Detroit and Windsor for five days next week. I lived in Dearborn for a few years nearly twenty years ago and had been visiting annually up until 2000 so I know the most of the usual places.

Here are some specific questions:

1) Any recommendations in Mexicantown? In particular, is there a Mexican seafood place in the immediate area?

2) Any recommendations (especially Thai/Chinese/Vietnamese) in Windsor?

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  1. There is a Mexican seafood place on Junction, on the east side of the street between Vernor and I-75. Haven't been for a while, but I liked it when I went, and it's been well reviewed since then. The name escapes me.

    Doña Lola's on Springwells (also between Vernor and the freeway) has Ecuadorian and Puerto Rican seafood dishes.

    1. I still think the best Vietnamese is in Dearborn, Annam on Michigan Avenue. Stellar food, a beautiful and serene interior and consistently great service by the owners. Dearborn has become quite a scene, so expect to circle a bit for parking. It will be a wonderful chow and aesthetic taking MSU daughter for lunch there before return to campus.

      1. Concur with your Annam assessment. Dearborn now has PAID PARKING, but the lot behind Annam is free if you are eating there. If you are not, you will be towed. Try the catfish there - it is served in a pot. Spectacular!

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          Annam in Dearborn is an extremely nice experience. The food is beautifully prepared with wonderful ingredients.

          For Vietnamese, if you are looking for more of a hole-in-the-wall experience, I have had many really good meals at Pho Hang at the corner of Dequindre and 13 Mile in Madison Heights. It's located in a strip mall and really doesn't have much character. The food at Pho Hang is directed more toward the Vietnamese expat community than Annam's food, so there's a bit more vaiety, and you will see things on the menu that would never show up at Annam. If you don't speak Vietnamese, it can also be a bit more intimidating that Annam, but don't be afraid to ask questions and explore the menu. The servers are nice people, and willing to help out.

        2. I second Pho Huang - the quail app. with the salt dip is fab. Try their awesome avocado shake, too.