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Jan 5, 2007 04:14 AM

Boston 'Hound needs to be reacquainted (so sad!)

Okay, sad but true, my once per month visits to your fine city dwindled down to once per year. I need a refresher on where to go/what to try...

I'll take any new rec's for Koreatown (always liked Han Bat, but that was 2 years ago!)

Chinatown - good eats / dim sum - I ate my way through most of the dim sum places and found my old school fried food lovin' self back at Harmony Palace on Mott (not sure what this says about me?). Any new places? I also liked cruising Deluxe Food Mart for snacks. Updates?

What about Cambodian or Vietnamese?

I love me some Dumpling House - are the beef sesame pancakes still as good now that the news is really, REALLY out?

I'm thinking one mid-range lunch/dinner out and would LOVE for a great Italian joint. Great pastas are #1 priority. Tuscan perhaps?

Probably one high end dinner. My friend is in Brooklyn and I've not ever been to Peter Luger's. That might do it, or a good prix fixe (sp? I always get that wrong) menu somewhere? My friend's husband just threw down for an over the top NYE dinner, so I can cross French off the list for a while.

Otherwise, I'd be glad for some fun nightlife kind of restaurant/bars - ethnic eats or reasonably priced new american/kitschy american with great cocktails.

Help a girl out, 'hounds!

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  1. >>>Chinatown - good eats / dim sum - I ate my way through most of the dim sum places and found my old school fried food lovin' self back at Harmony Palace on Mott (not sure what this says about me?)<<<

    It's "GRAND HARMONY" (98 Mott) now and they've had an extreme makeover...there was a period of ennui a couple years ago, but my latest visit indicates renewed optimism. Har gow, small veggie plates and fish balls were terrific...and choose your tea wisely, like sweet chrysanthemum. If you haven't already, try to introduce yourself to Vincent, the manager...he truly understands the customer.

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    1. so there actually are decent places to get dim sum in manhattan? I had lost hope. :-)

      1. I prefer Golden Bridge on bowery street for pushcart dim sum.

        1. I just had the most amazing meal at Dim Sum Go Go located at 5 E. Broadway. The turnip cakes and pork/chive steamed dumplings were freshly made and delicious.

          Doyers Vietnamese (11-13 Doyers Street) offers a range of dishes, my favorite being grilled beet over rice noodles wrapped in lettuce and mint and dipped in a red chili sauce.

          Hearth on First Avenue and 12th Street ( )could be your high end dinner. It's tuscan/american fusion with an impeccable wine list. Recently I enjoyed a mackerel salad with frisee and pinenuts, and as a main course: sturgeon wrapped in prociutto with sauteed greens and olives. Amazing service as well.

          I recently went to The Good Fork in Red Hook for the first time.( It's small, and if you don't have reservations, you need to get there early. The food was delicious. I had yummy fried pork dumplings and a rosemary shrimp risotto. The bartender was excellent and took pride in making serveral literary cocktails for the curious.

          Lastly, Chestnut on Smith Street (between Sackett and Degraw) ( offers the best prix fixe in town: $25 for a three course meal selected from their regular menu. That happens on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. They have excellent spinach ravioli, a fantastic steak, fried haystack shrimp. If you're so inclined, sitting at the bar will provide you a window into lots of the local neighborhood folks. It's festive and social.

          Have a good time visiting the city and give the chowhounders a full report.

          1. The best dim sum I've had in Manhattan, other than the very expensive but spectacular offerings at Chinatown Brasserie, was at Oriental Garden (14 Elizabeth St.).

            Koreatown - I am something of a regular at Han Bat but recommend Cho Dang Gol and Woo Chon for somewhat more formal and somewhat more expensive dinners.

            Great Italian joint: I second Hearth. If you want to go to Brooklyn, Al Di La is fantastic (based on one visit) and very well-priced for the quality.

            Vietnamese - get a sandwich at Banh Mi Saigon. I'm not that happy with any of the sit-down Vietnamese places I've tried, but perhaps the restaurant on the ground floor of the corner of Bowery and Canal (Pho Saigon?) deserves more investigation.

            Deluxe is still probably the same as you remember it. I have to say that I was disappointed with their beef muscle, because I found it significantly too salty. I think you'd do better going to Great NY Noodletown.

            Something new is the Malaysian restaurant on Allen St. between Division and Canal, Skyway. I like it and recommend it.