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Jan 5, 2007 04:11 AM

Wine Shipping Problem

When I visited Germany a few years ago I found a particular wine I liked and went on line and ordered 6 bottles. The problem is US Customs has it sitting in New Jersey and the only way I can get it is to go and pick it up, send someone to pick it up or they say I can use a "shipper". I live in the Pittsburgh area and only have about 10 days left of my 30 days to pick it up before they "discard" it. Any suggestions on who these shippers are that I can be in contact with to go there and get it and ship it to me? UPS will not do it.

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  1. It's against Pennsylvania (and some other states') law to purchase wine direct from out-of-state (and presumably out-of-country) producers. Opponents of this prohibition will point towards a "cartel" of distributors.

    Maybe you can argue that you already purchased it and that you're just bringing it with you.

    1. The wine better be worth it...
      A place like Mailboxes, Etc. will often send a runner to pick-up a package which they will then ship to you. Find one near the Customs facility where the wine is being held through the internet. They may not be willing to do this if there is any paperwork with Customs involved.
      You may have a problem if, as the above poster says, wine cannot be shipped to Pennsylvania. I am pretty sure that PA is one of those states with the "no shipping" rules. If I remember, PA is the alcohol distributor for the state and doesn't want anyone else cutting into the profits.

      1. Unless you find a mailbox store that doesn't know the rules, at least the UPS stores (which used to be Mailboxes, Etc.)I know of won't touch wine shipments at all. I think you are likely out of luck on this. Pennsylvania is, definitely, one state that does not allow wine shipped into it direct to consumers.

        I will deny suggesting this, but...... if you can find someone to get it from customs, they could ship it to you as something else (spaghetti sauce, olive oil?) Not sure who would do that for you, but it's a thought.

        1. My advice is to call your local PA Wine and Spirits store and ask if they will allow it to be delivered to them, or if they have any suggestions on how you should go about getting it.

          PA does not allow shipping of wine/beer to a home address, however, if memory serves me correctly, you can order out of state wine and have it shipped to your local state run liquor store, where you can pick it up.

          As my dad always says, it never hurts to ask. Get on the horn to that liquor store and speak to a manager.

          1. Try contacting a local wine club, or someone who runs wine-tasting courses. They would probably be able to fill you in on your options. If that doesn't work, I'd start asking all of my friends and family if they knew someone in NJ who'd do you a favor (perhaps for one of the bottles?) Good luck, love to know how this turns out for you.