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Is Porto's Bakery in Glendale Good for Breakfast Items?

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I am thinking about getting breakfast for the office tomorrow morning. Is Porto's Bakery good for breakfast items? If so, what should I get?

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  1. I've not eaten actual breakfast there, but will vouch for the "cheese rolls," which are something like a cream-cheese filled danish. About $7 a dozen.

    1. They have great Cuban sandwiches as well as breakfast sandwiches...you can't go wrong with one of those, or their deep fried potato croquette with beef or chicken and a cuban coffee. And yes, the cream cheese guava pastry is worth trying. I'm so jealous! BOn Appetite!

      1. All their pastries are fab. Love the croissants. Great turnovers. Everything is good, so just experiment and try a little of everything.

        1. Get the guava and cheese strudels for sure, and their sweet croissants are good (I like the strawberry w /cheese & the chocolate ones). The potato balls are always good IMHO.

          1. mmm..yess! the cream cheese pastry and potato balls are the best. don't forget to grab a fruit tart for the office too, they'll love that.

            1. Just went to Porto's this morning. My goodness, I did not expect a wall full of pastries! I have been to Porto's many times but just during lunch hours and didn't bother to go to the other side. Wow! I was blown away by the various selections of yumness - only one word, WOW! I got the cream cheese guava things, some danishs, some guava filled puffed pastries, some muffins, chocolate croissants, the ham and cheese danish, and many more for only $13. I am in heaven -- and others in my office too! Oh, by the way, they also have a day old pastries in a bag (like 10) for only $2.25. Thanks hounds.

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                It's one place that's gonna be in real trouble if L.A. follows NY and bans trans fats.

              2. I think the potato balls make an EXCELLENT breakfast! ;)


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                  Their empanadas aren't too shabby, either. It's a happy day around the office when someone brings them in.