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Ice Cream

I'm looking for ice cream shops in the GTA. Does anyone know any good ones (excluding chains, even though I do love Ben & Jerry's)? I don't really care if it's Gelato or proper ice cream or whatever. Cafe's or anywhere that serves homemade ice cream are also welcome.

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  1. The nearest one to me is Hollywood gelato on Bayview. Their gelato is pretty good!

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      Yes! We went there last night and I had the mango and capuccino. It was so good. Greg's is no longer my favourite ice cream/gelato place, unfortunately.

      1. Ed's Real Scoop. Queen East. Their pumpkin flavour is amazing.

        1. For ice cream, I like Sweet Olenka's and Ed's Real Scoop. For gelato, I like Ed's as well, but my favs are Solferino, Soma, and San Remo Bakery.

          1. my fave's are
            Greg's which is on bloor/spadina and La Palmoma which is on St. Claire and Lansdowne (i think)

            1. i love greg's!
              roasted marshmallow.... yumm...

              1. Downtown -- Greg's has always been a staple !!! They are on Bloor and Spadina now and is just a little ice cream shop now...their former place was better...but the ROASTED MARSHMALLOW is awesome!!! Make an evening of it and browse the little shops down there...it's a fun area.

                1. You can also get Greg's Ice Cream in Forest Hill Village at The Village Chill (I think that's what it's called) on the south side of Lonsdale just a couple of doors east of Spadina.

                  1. Hollywood Gelato
                    Dessert Lady

                    I personally don't like La Paloma, which (at least to my taste buds) has debased their once good gelato.

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                      Honestly, i was never really happy with dessert lady. the flavours are inventive and good, but the problem is that every single time that i have been there the ice cream has been covered in ice crystals and been utterly very unpalatable. The ice cream never seems fresh, EVER! Has anyone else encountered this problem as well.

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                        No, but I haven't been there since the summer. If they aren't selling much or they aren't maintaining the cooler temp properly, that'll happen. That's too bad. They were making some great flavours. I've had that problem at the organic place in Kensington.

                    2. I just had the strawberry white chocolate today at Hollywood Gelato. It was amazing, my new favourite.

                      1. I second Solferino, Soma, and Ed's Real Scoop. All three are made with top-notch, real ingredients, which is not true of a lot of just as expensive alternatives.