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Jan 5, 2007 02:01 AM

Ice Cream

I'm looking for ice cream shops in the GTA. Does anyone know any good ones (excluding chains, even though I do love Ben & Jerry's)? I don't really care if it's Gelato or proper ice cream or whatever. Cafe's or anywhere that serves homemade ice cream are also welcome.

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  1. The nearest one to me is Hollywood gelato on Bayview. Their gelato is pretty good!

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    1. re: ctl98

      Yes! We went there last night and I had the mango and capuccino. It was so good. Greg's is no longer my favourite ice cream/gelato place, unfortunately.

      1. Ed's Real Scoop. Queen East. Their pumpkin flavour is amazing.

        1. For ice cream, I like Sweet Olenka's and Ed's Real Scoop. For gelato, I like Ed's as well, but my favs are Solferino, Soma, and San Remo Bakery.

          1. my fave's are
            Greg's which is on bloor/spadina and La Palmoma which is on St. Claire and Lansdowne (i think)