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Jan 5, 2007 01:02 AM

Casual Rest. near Trader J'oes?

A friend and I have been meeting for a casual dinner after work and then hitting TJ's for some shopping. It's not too crowded, near closing time and even if it is standing on line does not seem so bad since we can continue to chat.

Anyway, we have already done Yama and Una Pizza Napolenta. Next time he wants to go to Heartland Brewery. Please help me find something, I really do not want to end up at Heartland.

Prices need to be moderate, approximately $25 - $30 pp including tax and tips, but not drinks would be ideal. The closer to TJ the better, but we certainly don't mind walking a few blocks. All cuisines except Chinese and Indian is fine.

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  1. Two solid places that come to mind very close to Trader Joes are Friend House for asian and Cafe DeVille for french bistro food. They're both on 3rd Ave near 12th St.

    1. I had the same "ritual" with a friend last year. I second Cafe DeVille. We also went to Republic, Coffee Shop, and a bunch of places on St. Marks, which is only a short walk away.

      1. Blue Mahoe is a really tasty Jamaican place on 14th between 2nd and 3rd, very close to Trader Joe's.

        1. I live across the street from TJ's and unfortunately, there is not a whole lot in that price range that is outstanding. How about PETE'S TAVERN or OLD TOWN? There're also some decent places on University like SPICE and a couple of Vietnamnese places.

          1. You're pretty close to Momofuku Ssam bar - 13th and 2nd.