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Jan 5, 2007 12:37 AM

todai- which location is the most edible?

okok, I know this messageboard thinks todai is vile...however, I'm sure some locations are better than others. A friend recently went to the one in universal city and said it was actually good (*gasp*) and claims they even served toro (can someone verify this??) also, whats the best location. or atleast if it was horrible, tell me which location u went to. thanks in advance!

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  1. we went to the one in Portland a couple of times several years ago. I agree with those who say it was vile.

    1. Well, the only one I know is in Portland, OR. My son just graduated from Reed College, and over the last four years I would go visit him once a year. All of his friends wanted to go to Todai when I invited them out for a meal. I was favorably impressed: lots of fresh crab, shrimp, and oysters, good sushi, good noodle dishes. This is not haute or authentic, but at $25 per person, it's hard to imagine a better Asian meal.

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        I think there is still one in the Beverly Center, but I have never been to that one. Anyone?

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          I know enough about my tastes not to get certain kinds of sushi or any raw seafood, but I chose a different kind of sushi roll there that ended up making me gag. I had to spit it out. It was terribly embarrassing, but it was horrible. My husband and mother-in-law thought it was fine. but I would never go back after that. The two of them could enjoy it on their own.

        2. Glendale location , as of a month ago (my son's b'day; I think he requested it 'cause he KNOWS we hate it)still major awful.

          1. i used to be able to tolorate the now-defunct one on wilshire in west LA .
            so, foolishly, i tried the universal city one.
            i never went to a todai again after that experience.

            1. I was at The Beverly Center location last week - really bad......
              I've been to the one in Las Vegas a few times and found the selections much better - particularly the items they make at your request.