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Jan 5, 2007 12:06 AM

First Date Tapas Reccomendations?

Traditional Spanish is okay, but I think my date would rather go to a Japanese or Pan-Asian place. Preferably somewhere on the west side, but if there's a great place somewhere else, I'm open to that as well. I've been to Orris, which is okay, but I'd rather go somewhere else. I was thinking about Musha in Santa Monica. Someplace like Yatai would be great (it just can't be Yatai because of what happened the last time I took a first date there).


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  1. I love the Musha idea, but be sure to make reservations or stand in line before 6:00pm when they open on a Saturday night. I also like Ita-Cho (6775 Santa Monica Blvd.) for very healthy small-plate dining. Nanbankan on Santa Monica is great, but although they are open, the building is being remodeled and it is a little "creepy" upon entering the restaurant. This might be good later on.

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        Our night at Yatai was great. It was the broken heart a little while later that sucked. I'd just feel weird going back there.

      2. I heard great things about the small plates at Izayoi in Little Tokyo; haven't been myself (the one time I tried turned out to be the day they're closed- Sunday).


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          Hi, AquaW! Izayoi in Little Tokyo is perhaps my favorite! They really care about presentation AND the food is delicious! The service is also terrific! Try it again on another night -- well worth it!

          Since the OP seems to prefer the Westside, I think Musha is always good-to-great...and really fun for a first date! Ita-Cho is a little larger and very pretty inside, but they, too, fill up by about 7:00pm on a Saturday night, so reservations are recommended.

        2. there is also sasaya on smb, near colby. its a quaint spot and serves up the standard izakaya dishes.

          1. K-Zo in Culver City for french-japanese small plates as well as sushi.