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Jan 4, 2007 11:54 PM

Good Soup Suggestions

Hi everyone, Just read the thread about good meals for lunch when working from home and many of the suggestions were for soups. Since it's that time of year and I am in the mood (eventhough we are having a heat wave in VA), what are everyones favorite soup ideas, recipes? I tend to make vegetable, chicken noodle, tortilla, chili, and black bean in differnt variations. Any other good suggestions? My husband isn't crazy about soups for dinner, so they have to be somewhat chunky and filling.

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  1. Split pea with or without ham. Lentil. Chicken with dumplings.

    1. Oooh you are in the right area to get good country ham or smoked hocks. I made split pea with country ham on Sunday. Used some in the initial cooking which I pureed and then julienned more to go into the soup for texture. Great stuff. Tonight was a Vietnamese chicken and rice soup made from stock I made a couple of days ago. I also had 10 Viet. fried spring rolls in my freezer that needed using so we had them with nuoc cham herbs and lettuce, fried shallots and chopped peanuts along side the soup. Light and bright flavors and just what we have been craving.

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        Just out of curiosity, do you think you get more flavor and meat out of smoked hocks or smoked shanks?

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          To me they are pretty much the same thig where I shop. I just try to get the best I can and the smokiest i can.

      2. i just made a great portuguese style soup with spanish/portuguese chorizo, lacinato kale, potatoes, lots of onion, white beans and tomatoes, among other typical soup ingredients.

        It came out REALLY well. Especially with the addition of more Spanish smoked paprika. Yum! Very chunky and filling.

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          I made portuguese kale soup just the other night. no beans or tomatoes, though, and still hearty and delish. Just onion, chorico, potatoes, water (w/a smidge of chicken better than boullion), and kale.

        2. There's a recipe I bastardized from an Italian cookbook that is more like a stew than a soup. I took chorizo (I believe the recipe called for Italian sausage or pork) and crumbled it during cooking. Then add in 2 cans of chickpeas with about 1/2 to 3/4 of the water from one of the cans. Smash up some of the chickpeas with the back of a wooden spoon after they simmer with the oils of the chorizo. Then dump in 1/2 a box of orzo.

          The orzo assumes an amazing flavor from the chorizo oil and garbanzo water. If it's too thick, add in more chickpea water. If it's too thin, break up some more of the chickpeas.

          Chunky, tasty, filling. The penultimate comfort food on a chilly, chilly night.

          1. A favorite in my family is Cafe Cego's Goulash Soup made with two kinds of paprika. Very satisfying. Googling Cafe Cago Goulash Soup will yield the recipe without infringing copyright rules.

            Also, upthread Arthur Schwartz's Caldo Verde, the Portugese Linguica and Kale soup can either be found in his excellent "Soup Suppers" book or by Googling Soup Suppers Caldo Verde.

            Both are terrific cold weather soups.

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                SilverlakeGirl, I'm interested in your Goulash. The recipe seems to have lots more paprika, less meat, and more liquid than others I've seen. Are you able to compare this soup to other goulashes? Also, I know some goulashes are served with noodles. What do you accompany this soup with?

                Thanks for your insights!

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                  Did you really put a half CUP of paprika in the soup, including 4 TABLESPOONS of smoked paprika??? That sounds like a massive amount. I like the idea..since I have two pounds of smoked paprika and a new Costco jar of regular paprika in my pantry.