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Jan 4, 2007 11:26 PM

Garam Masala?

I am looking to purchase Garam Masala, I was looking at sights that you can order online, but I am alittle scared of that idea, can anyone recommend a reliable store online?

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  1. I would order from The Spice House out of Chicago. The web address is I just double checked it to make sure I didn't send you to a porn site. I go there for all my spice needs. Tom and Patty the owners carry some of the finest spices I've ever had. The garam masala is great. I like to sprinkle it on popcorn.

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      I second this rec. The Spice House GM has a higher coriander ratio as compared to lesser blends that up the cumin.

      1. re: aelph

        What a coincidence. I was curious about the Spice House blend as Penzey's first ingredient is coriander, so checked it out. Oddly, the ingredients and story were exactly the same (that the recipe is from a Punjabi man's mother). It turns out that Spice House was founded by the Penzeys. Interesting, I never knew that.

    2. I buy garam masala (and all of my spices) from Penzeys:

      1. As with most spice mixtures, garam masala is very easy to make and is so much more pungent and fresh than anything you can buy. It can also be made in relatively small quantities. There are many variations of this common Indian spice. Even if you don't have every ingredient called for in a recipe, you can still make a better version than you can buy.