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Jan 4, 2007 11:03 PM

Birthday Dinner in one week. HELP!

A girlfriend of mine is wanting to have a birthday dinnner Thursday night the 12th for about 10-15 ppl. Like to keep the price down as cost is an issue, also there are a few very picky eaters so nothing to extreme. Chains are ok, although we <I'd> rather not. Thank you in advance.

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  1. How about Beppos or something in the International District for less expensive options?

    1. last year i had my bday at 7 stars pepper in the id (12 people) and it worked out well. we sat at a round table and made a list of around 10 dishes and shared everything. i didn't make reservations or anything but we went kind of latish so that's probably why we didn't have to wait.

      1. What kind of food does the birthday girl like? Screw the picky eaters (unless she's one of them)-it's not their birthday. :)

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          She enjoys hispanic, asian, italian, seafood and regular burger/steak joints. as far as i know. she had ideas in case those choices wouldnt work out.

          1. re: shanda013

            Armondo's in Renton is very good italian and has a party room. Pretty reasonable prices, great ambience & service, and really good food.

            Also Typhoon in Redmond is great Thai food, Jak's for Steak or Melrose Grill in Renton (kitty corner from Armondo's) has the best steak but it's at Renton prices not Seattle Prices.

            1. re: bookmonkey

              Typhoon's original location is on Western Ave near the Pike Place hillclimb. I think the food is slightly better at that location.

        2. Assuming you're in Seattle, I'm going to again suggest Marjorie. I believe they still offer their 3 course $25 meal. The food is good but not unapproachable. It's a place that I've gone with my non foodie friends.

          1. I suppose I should have specified I am in PDX.