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Jan 4, 2007 10:52 PM

Long Beach for a Long Weekend

I will be heading from Louisiana to Los Angeles (staying at my brothers apartment in Long Beach) for five days, foodie SO in tow. Anyway, I have dug around a bit for rec and here is the short list. Please feel free to suggest anything I cannot pass up:

Hak Heang For Cambondian Soups

ENRIQUE'S For Mexican Of A Sort We Just Don’t Get In Louisiana

Meals By Genet For Etheopian, There Just Is Not Much Etheopian Down Here

Meals By Genet For Breakfast

Walt's Wharf
 For Seafood, Though Gulf Seafood Is Hard To Beat

Hawaiian BBQ & Fish



Thoughts? Dishes to avoid or to be sure to try? All Advice appreciated!

PS I am more concerned with great loved, lovingly prepared than Michelin stars or famous chefs although a combination of the two are always nice

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  1. Funny you should post this, I just came on to post the exact question only I'll be in Long Beach near the convention center for 4 days. I'll take any advice anyone wants to give.

    1. I wouldn't say that Allegria is a place that you "can't miss" - its okay - nothing that spectacular. For meals specifically in Long Beach my favorites are:

      Breakfast: Two Umbrellas Cafe for their stuffed french toast & Coffee Cup Cafe.

      Casual lunch/dinner: Open Sesame, La Creparie, Yard House, Sushi Studio, Star of Siam

      Nice Dinners: Christy's, Nico's, La Traviata

      Great place to pick up gourmet goodies: Olives

      Wine bars: Casa Vino

      1. Bigg's on 2nd St. (available on opentable)
        Tantalum for the decor and view (food and service are only passable)
        S Vietnamese (beautiful atmosphere & great food) in Huntington Beach, not too far)
        Bukhara Indian (HB, we drive 50 miles for this Indian Hole in the Wall)
        Walt's is more of an institution, go to the bar and order the rockin' artichoke
        Try a duffy ride on Bay Boat rentals, you can dock at Tantalum, this should not be missed, ask when low tide is so you can get through the canals

        1. A great place to go if you wish to spend some ducats would be Fora in Naples. I believe the chef has some cordon bleu training and to quote one of the waitressess, he has "crazy skills." The fixed prixe also has a wine pairing with a bunch of garage wines so be sure to indulge. Another fabuloso place is Delius. This is also a fixed prixe by reservation only. They also offer a wine pairing that is usually pretty good. If you are a true foodie, I highly recommend these 2 places. These places are not kid friendly nor cheap; but both these places are a great value. They blow away many of the places in hollywood, santa monica, and beverly hills.

          1. High End - Any of Christy Bono's 3 places - Bono's, Christy's and Nico. Frenchy's on Anaheim is an excellent French eatery. Cafe Picclo is great food but out of towners shouldn't have to deal with inconsistent service. Steaks at Kelly's in Naples. Kings fish on pine for seafood (but your right, skip most seafood, except Baja style fish tacos or if you can find a good Ceviche) Fora is excellent.

            Nice, not too nice - Really small but always tasty Cafe Gazelle is on 2nd street. Start there, have dinner and walk around, all kinds of crazy stuff on 2nd. Dive bars to wine bars.
            I also like Chens on Broadway for Chinese, Pub food and drink at Limricks in Naples. The Pike on 4th for Baja fish taco's (shrimp tacos are great) or take a drive down the beach for Sushi at Tsunami on PCH near Bolsa Chica State Beach- Sushi is fair to good, some creative rolls, but the people watching makes it a great time. For mellower sushi see Aki Sushi at Redondo and 7th (new place, not his old one)

            Dives - Drive Anaheim and take your pick. Mexican and Cambodian/Vietnamese are numerous and very good. If you go, stop at the greatest 2000 square feet in the country - Joe Josts on Anaheim and Orange. Beer (try PBR on tap) a "special" (polish sausage sandy) and a pickled egg (dont be scared, there great) and home roasted peanuts. Joes has been there for over 80 years without change. Any of the Taco Surf places are good Mexican (2nd street in Belmont shore, Sunset beach)and right on the beach. There is a divey Thai place on Anaheim I like called Long Beach Thai (probably can't find online - its at Anaheim and Redondo in a mini mall on the S/W side between the tire store and McD's drive through exit). Bruddah's in Gardena is the best Hawaiian outside of the islands. Stop by Marukai market (the one on Artesia) on the way and see the ultimate asian market.

            Breakfast - Schooner or Later at the Marina, Brunch at the Queen Mary (mostly to see the room), Chucks near the Olympic pool.

            perfect day: Schooner or later for breakfast, Joe Josts for lunch, Cafe Gazelle and a walk in Belmont shore down to Sweet Jills for something sweet.