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Decent watering hole around Pine & Polk in the Polk Gulch

Greetings fellow hounds,

I am looking for a nice bar to wet our beaks around Pine & Polk, before me and my friend head over to "Darbar" for our Indian fix !

Any recommendations greatly appreciated.

Cheers !

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  1. A few blocks away is Tommy's Joynt, they have a pretty good beer selection . . .

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      The last time I went in they had a couple of taps of unusual german beer, not the selection of west coast brews --- not what I'd call "pretty good" --- have things changed? What's on tap there?

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        Haven't been there recently, just remembered they had an extensive bottled beer list, with beers from various countries around the world. Nothing tremendously unusual, not going to replace my trips to Toronado, but a decent place to grab a beer if in the area, that's all - I think I had a Kostritzer and a Young's Double Chocolate Stout before catching a movie at the AMC across the street. I can't recall what kinds of things they had on tap.

        Here's what I found on their website, but I remember them having some sort of whiteboard with more choices?

    2. There's a brand new wine bar at Polk + Washington. I know nothing else about it except that it's now open (East side of the street - next to the annoyingly "temporarily" closed La Parilla Grill).

        1. Lush Lounge at Polk and Post- hip but not pretentious, lots of plants, good music

          Bigfoot Lodge at Polk and Washington (or Clay maybe?)- fake fireplace, giant statue of bigfoot, need i say more?

          I didn't realize the wine bar had already opened - anyone been yet?

          1. I walked by today and it looked like it had opened. Wine-by-the-glass list posted in the window, and it looked set up to go. If I had any idea what it was called, I'd call and confirm for you --


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              1754 Polk St
              San Francisco, CA 94114
              (415) 292-6916

              I haven't been yet.

            2. The Bell Tower has a full bar and lots of local flavor...the food has gone downhill IMO but it would be a good spot to grab a pre dinner drink.

              1. The Red Devil is three blocks north. Proper SF music club dive place that smells funny inside but mixes a fine cocktail. Wine selection would likely be "moderate" (we have both kinds - red and white), I remember them having about 10 well-selected beer taps. Recommended only if you've got a thing for dive bars (which this isn't, exactly, but ...).

                Given what Google Local / Yelp says, you've probably got better bets - John Barleycorn looks nice, too.

                1. Oh, and also there's SNOB wine bar right at Polk between Pine and Sutter (West side of the street). When I walked by today they were advertising a happy hour price on Stella Artois so I guess they serve beer too.

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                    If anyone is going to Snob, you might as well stop by Holy Grail a few doors down with Irish beer on tap.

                  2. O'Reilly's Holy Grail is actually a great place to get a drink, and the food is great, too!

                    1. It's not on Polk but a half block to the east on Geary, but you could go to the Edinburgh Castle. They have a full bar and OK beer selection (I think about 12 taps), split between local and regional microbrews and some imports. Sometimes they even have stuff on cask.

                      And wherever you go afterward will seem bright and airy by comparison!

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                        Cheers to the overwhelming response !

                        We did hop over to both the Hemlock Tavern and Lush Lounge, loved both places.

                        My companion had both the Mango Martini and Watermelon Martini at Lush Lounge and loved them. Highly recommended. I stuck with my staple - scotch.

                        I have been to O'Reilly's in the past as well. Excellent Guinness on tap. The restaurant style section in the back kinda puts me off, though.