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Jan 4, 2007 10:37 PM

My First Tin of Old Bay: What should I make??

A friend gave me a recipe for a savory nut mix using Old Bay spice, and now I'm hooked! I have a full tin of the stuff and I want to put it on absolutely everything. Someone point me in the right direction before I end up with an Old Bay ice cream sundae...!

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  1. It is, of course, a must for crab cakes. Many folks on the east coast swear by it as an addition to various seafood and egg dishes.

    I guess the Southern alternative is Tony's so if you are familiar with that you could consider using it in a similar fashion.

    1. Here's the Old Bay website:
      probably a good place to start!

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      1. Ok, I get it. Anyone got anything original? creative? fun? homespun? If not, I'm just going to start making bloody marys.

        1. Crab cakes and Bloody Marys !!!

          Also, if you like Old Bay, I think you may love Blue Crab Bay Co.'s Seafood Seasoning. Blue Crab Bay is a small specialty food company on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and has many Chesapeake Bay-related items, including the Seafood Seasoning, which is kin to Old Bay but made in smaller batches and has a more refined flavor, IMHO.

          Blue Crab Bay Co. can be found at ...

          Regardless, enjoy the flavors of my home region!

          Patrick C=:-
          )Your Basic Food Groupie

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            Just a personal thought about old Blue Crab Bay Co's Crab House Nuts. The company uses liberal amounts of their Seafood Seasoning and I found the taste overwhelming. I bought an equal amount of salted nuts and tossed them together. Tossing is key. You don't want to combine too gently otherwise the seafood seasoning won't rub off onto the plain nuts. (I once put all the nuts into a large jar and shook it vigorously.)

            Even if the salted nuts don't quite achieve the level of spice of the Crab House nuts, the variety is nice and the slight "dilution" improved my overall enjoyment.

          2. Sprinkle it on edamame... something we learned at a local restaurant. It's yummy!