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Jan 4, 2007 10:30 PM

Martha's Vineyard at the end of January


Making my first trip to Martha's Vineyard the last weekend in January (which is funny considering I've been going to the Cape for 33 years). Any recommendations for lunch and dinner? Not sure what is open and what is good. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks - Mark

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  1. Good luck. Off Shore Ale in O.B. & the News in Edgertown. pub food.

    1. The Newes is always good. I like to sit at the tiny bar in the back of the main dining room. Go for the stilleto appetizers, soft garlic bread sticks that are grilled and served with a bleu cheese spread. Check the MVOL website to find out what's open because plans inevitably change. Lola's was always open year around but last year they closed for the winter. If Lola's is open, it is well worth the trip. It's on the beach road heading from Oak Bluffs to Edgartown. The food is southern and I have a hard time passing up on any dish with mussels. Their jumbalya is perfect. Also, in Oak Bluffs there is a relatively new place called Sharky's Cantina. When I was there this summer they were open for lunch and planned on being open for the winter. They make a nice Sangria and the paella was incredible. It came served in a small cast iron pan filled with rice, pork, chorizo and topped with lobster and shrimp.

      1. David Ryan's, The Wharf, The Square Rigger and Lattanzi's in Edgartown are open. All have good basic food. Cafe Moxie and Le Grenider (spelling?)in Vineyard Haven might be open. Art Cliff Diner is execeelnt in Vineyard Haven for breakfast and lunch until 2 pm and they were starting to serve dinner on Thursdays and Friday evenings - they are close Weds. You need to check either by website or calling because while the above are open year round they may close for a couple of weeks during the winter.

        And I second Sharky's. If Linda Jean's is open in Oak Bluff I would recommend that as well. I think Lola's is closed (and in my opinion a bit over rated)