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Jan 4, 2007 10:13 PM

Any Good Korean Places south of 14th?

And by this I mean authentic Korean. Not sure what that means but not Korean so fusioned that it's it's own thing (Momofuku Ssam) or not completely upscaled Korean (Woo Lae Oak). The place I go to is Dok Suni.

I'm I missing some places here?

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  1. below 14th? why discount all of k-town? with that said, the place on carmine is called Do Hwa and something between woo lae oak and dok suni in terms of price and "upscale-ness" but not particularly authentic. just stick w/ the k-town favorites (kunjip, cho dang gol or even dae dong)

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      Thanks, Not discounting all of K-town, I just live in the East Village and generally eat downtown.

      1. re: hominaray

        gotcha. k-town is usually worth the trip but in a pinch, I also remember this place on bleecker street (NYU-area) I think called cho gah or something like that, an upstairs space. it was kinda decent, han bat quality, nothing crazy. but, worth a visit.

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          The restaurant on Bleecker St (145 Bleecker) is called Choga. I've never eaten there, but it has pretty good reviews on this board, especially for its Bibimbab.

    2. There's an authentic and not-too-pricey barbecue joint that also serves Japanese tapas right next to Angel's Share bar at Astor Place. It's at 8 Stuyvesant Street.

      Do Hwa is tasty, but it's more expensive than tasty.

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        Just thought of another one: Kirara. It's on Carmine St. (down the st. from Do Hwa), not too pricey, doesn't do barbecue at the table, and focuses more on homey stuff like bibimbap. They also serve sushi, but I wouldn't recommend that part of the menu.

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          I was wondering about the Korean food at Kirara. I understand that it's a sushi place that's owned by a Korean family, and thus, have some Korean items on the menu. To be sure, it seems mainly focused on sushi - i've ordered from there quite frequently and would quite readily recommend it as a sushi place.

        2. re: cimui

          I think your refering to Village Yokocho which does serve some Korean Staples including bbq on it's 2/F spot right above the Around the Clock Diner. I would recommend to order more of it's Japanese Izakaya - tapas- cooked food - skewers - over it's Korean offerings...but, the latter is serviceable if that is what the poster is looking for and cheap...though I would personally hop on the F and just head uptown to 32nd St./6th for more decent Korean chow when able. There's also a cheapish Korean place on Mercer just below 8th st. within the NYU area which serves decent fare.

          1. re: nyufoodie

            Yes--thanks for the name. No one I know has ever referred to it by name, only as "that Korean bbq place next to Angel's Share." Out of curiosity, why do you not recommend the Korean barbecue there? It's run by Japanese people, but I think they do a good, authentic barbecue (as well as great tapas).

            1. re: nyufoodie

              So, speaking of which, how do any of you rate Angel's Share? I went upstairs, checked the menu out and intend to go there. It looks really interesting. I heard the sauteed squid and glass noodles is epic. Also, it looks like a place where you can find stuff hot enough to burn your face off, if you want that. I saw a great looking dish with enoki, kimchi and lots of chili oil in a red broth. I also saw some promising looking grilled (small) whole fish.

          2. How about DoSirak? Love that place.

            1. dosirak (on 13th btw bway and university) is great. there's another small place (called temple, i think) on st. mark's place between 1st and 2nd aves that's also very good.

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                i like Dosirak too...a cute collegy place...with decent wines by the glass...i usually get the Jeyyuk Ssam

              2. to answer your question - none.

                by default, there are the places already mentioned: dosirak, choga, and temple. i don't like any of them, but i'd at least consider going to them in a pinch. they are what they are - serviceable if you must stay downtown to get your korean fix (and authentic enough, i guess), but nothing more than that.

                for what it's worth, i absolutely won't go to doksuni, do hwa, woo lae oak, sura, kori, bonjoo, or any place like that. yes, i've been to all, and each one irritated me more than the next, speaking as a korean. i've said it many times - manhattan is not the place for korean food, but if you don't want to leave the borough, go to k town.

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                1. re: surly

                  Hence the post, I don't go to Midtown too often and I eat out in the neighborhood a lot (EV, LES). Serviceable Korean Downtown?

                  1. re: hominaray

                    once again: dosirak, choga, and temple.