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Jan 4, 2007 10:06 PM

Las Vegas

I am going to Vegas in a couple weeks and have some ideas about where I will be eating but always looking for more. Want to take my boyfriend to a great meal (preferably with a tasting menu option).

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  1. joel robuchon has a six and sixteen course tasting menu. they are located in the mgm grand.

    have fun!

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    1. re: wilafur

      Thanks so much...I am definately considering going there. I heard it's great!

      1. re: foiechic

        I hope the tab is on the casino, because it's like $300 a person.

    2. Rosemary's --- it's off the strip, but it's DEFINITELY worth the drive. They have a great tasting menu and if you go on a Sunday all thier wine bottles are half price!

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        went to Las Vegas two weeks ago, went to Rosemary's it was EXCELLENT . As good as 2 years ago. Also went to LOS which I enjoyed more this time than last time. Peppermill was ok, I guess we just go their because I like the fruit plate. Dona Maria's Tamales was ok. Not sure if I would go back there.

      2. Rosemary's
        8125 W. Sahara Ave.
        (bet. Buffalo Dr. & Cimarron Rd.)
        Las Vegas, NV 89117

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          Thanks...I already checked it out. Looks good!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I am a Vegas fanatic (In fact... I am in Vegas right now!)

            PRIME at The Bellagio: Best steak on the strip and a beautiful restaurant with amazing service. The Potatoes Dahpnois are out of this world

            COMMANDER'S PALACE at Aladdin: One of the best restaurants in the country, IMHO. Incredible service and food to match. Don't miss the crab cakes (you can order one as an appetizer) They are going to close for about a year, so I hear, to move to a different casino, so I would try to get there before they do.

            ALEX at The Wynn – If you don’t mind spending big bucks, this is a stunningly gorgeous place and the food was one of the best meals I have ever had.

            Here is a recent post I did on some of these:



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            1. re: Tom P

              Thank you so much. Gonna check out the menus right now!

              1. re: foiechic

                I would go to L'Atelier if Joel Robuchon is to pricey for you. L'atelier offers a great tasting had many times.

                1. re: foiechic

                  I would go to L'atelier if Joel Robuchon is too expensive. I've had the tasting many times at both and have yet to be disappointed.