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Jan 4, 2007 09:48 PM

Something sushi-ish going into the Cisco space on Westlake Blvd. in the Conejo?

Rumor has it that some type of sushi restaurant is going into the space that used to be Cisco's on Westlake Blvd. in Westlake Village. Does anyone know what this might be?

I am so bored with the dining options in the Conejo...I dream that some of the westside places (Musha, Kiriko, Zo,) might open a branch out this way...

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  1. From yesterday's Ventura County Star...

    "Suki 7, a sushi bar and Japanese grill brought to you by the folks behind P6 Restaurant & Lounge and Chapter 8 Steakhouse & Dance Lounge. "

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    1. re: Snackish

      that's also what I've heard. That's too bad, if they follow the pattern of the previous two restaurants. Food will not be the focus.

      1. re: puppychao

        puppychao -- My thoughts, exactly!

      2. re: Snackish

        Hi, Snackish! Thanks for your immediate response and all the info. I was really hoping for something all-serious-sushi! While I am sure this type of place will have its following, I am skeptical of sushi places that try to be all things; this dilutes the sushi for me...but we shall see...

      3. P6, Suki 7, Chapter 8... They certainly have a theme going and I'm quite sure it will be another style over substance sort of place.

        Also means the first two must be doing well. Who would have thought the area could support 3 expensive, ultra-hip spots with average food?

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        1. re: okie

          What are you talking about? It's for the same 30 ultra-hipsters in the area switching up on different days of the week. The rest of the time, the suburbanites are at home.

          I lived in Thousand Oaks for five years, over near Oakbrook. I was always amazed at how long the lines were at Taco Bell and Burger King on any given weeknight at 6:30pm. Not wanting chain food like Chili's or Outback is fine, especially if you're going to cook at home. But fast food? Really? Wow.

          My favorite places to eat in that area are Crown and Anchor, Cafe Provencal, Stuft Pizza and P&L Burger. If we're expanding to Agoura, I'll add Mandarin Express and Fabrocini.

          1. re: SauceSupreme

            To be fair, now that Mastro's is open in Thousand Oaks, I'm hoping that the ceiling has been raised in terms of overall restaurant quality throughout the area.

            1. re: SauceSupreme

              SauceSupreme, have you ever been to P6 for lunch? I've only had dinner at P6 once (disappointing) but it is my favorite place for lunch in the area. You seem to dine in the Conejo Valley quite a bit, and I would like to hear your (and others) opinion of it.

              I'll add that I agree with you on Cafe Provencal. I eat regularly at P&L Burger (their fried zuchini is wonderful, but the rest of their food is somewhat mediocre) and Crown and Anchor satisfies my (rare) cravings for pub food.

              My other favorites in the Conejo Valley are Ali Baba in Newbury Park (Lebanese), an Indian grocery store with a steam table for hot foods (by FAR the most authentic Indian food in the Conejo Valley), and Char Fasl in Agoura (Persian).

              1. re: quincyc

                I have no problem with the P6 menu, but I describe it as hipster comfort food: crab cakes, grilled chicken caesar salad, ahi tartare, filet mignon, turkey burgers and miso-glazed salmon.

                I also like Char Fasl in Agoura. Good tahdig and stews there.

        2. I just passed Suki 7 today. The name is up, and it looks like they are making quite a bit of progress toward getting it open.

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          1. re: liu

            I lived in the Conejo Valley for 2 years up until this Jan. There's nothing there and there never will be, the demographic won't support anything except Cheesecake factory, BJs, CPK etc. I was driving to the Valley/Westside every other night for dinner, so I figured it was time to give up on the idea and move back to civilization.

            1. re: holybull

              I'm laughing because you are correct!
              We have a rather large, Ralph's-deserted space in our community, and I just keep dreaming about the 99 Ranch sign going up or even Vallarta or Mitsuwa or Nijiya or Marukai or 168 Market...I'm still waiting...

              It is a great place to live, but surely while I'm waiting for anything quality to arrive, I could starve! There just isn't much interesting food in this area perhaps for lack of a very heterogeneous population. How can so many people be content with BJs and CPK and Cheesecake Factory?

              (Uh-oh -- I'm not looking for a "fight" here, but somehow I feel that I am about to get bludgeoned by those who love to eat in the Conejo Valley.)

              1. re: liu

                I am moving to T.O. for work... So it's true that I won't be able to find any asian grocery or produce stores in the area? =(

                I am currently living in Sunnyvale, CA and there's a plethora of such stores in the area!

                1. re: snow78

                  The nearest Asian grocery stores are probably a Korean Supermarket and a Ranch 99. Both are about a 30 minute drive from Thousand Oaks. Pretty close as far as LA goes =).

                  1. re: quincyc

                    I guess I would really have to travel to Van Nuys to the Ranch 99. However, where is the Korean Supermarket?


                    1. re: snow78

                      Hello, snow78.
                      There are two Korean Supermarkets in the San Fernando Valley basin:
                      1. Galleria Market in Northridge
                      10201 Reseda Boulevard at Devonshire
                      2. Greenland Market in the Lake Balboa Neighborhood
                      17643 Sherman Way at White Oak

                      1. re: liu

                        Thanks for your help! I'll contribute to this board once I settle down there.

                2. re: liu

                  When I used to live in the area, I had been planning on opening up a little Asian market that sold dry goods, akin to the decent Persian and Indian market you can find (next to 24 hour fitness in the same mini-mall as Mongolian BBQ). But I learned to make do with the Whole Foods in TO, and after moving to Fairfax, though, the project died. I still think it's a viable business option for any chow-preneurs out there.

                  In fact, now that I think of it, maybe the project can be reborn...

                  1. re: SauceSupreme

                    "...a little Asian market..." Keep the idea alive, SauceSupreme!
                    There are two Middle Eastern markets in that mini-mall plaza (I think it is the Palms Plaza), and both of them have cleaned up recently and are quite good. I patronize each for different items.

                    1. re: SauceSupreme

                      My BF and I keep dreaming about opening a Pho or Noodle House out there too! I think that it could do a nice lunch business in that area.

                      1. re: maybelle

                        I've thought about opening a pho restaurant, but recently that's been supplanted by the dream of opening a Pinkberry in TO or Westlake. A Pinkberry out here would just kill!

                        BTW, SauceSupreme, there used to be an Asian market in the Crown and Anchor plaza called Egg Roll House. I don't think it did particularly good business, but I'm sure the Asian population in the Conejo Valley is much higher these days.

                    2. re: liu

                      No fight here. 4 years in T.O. and I can't figure out why it is so blighted. It made my trips down to college at CSUN a treat instead of a chore.

                3. The latest is that Suki 7 will open in "early April".

                  Will be open for lunch and dinner and will become a nightclub Thur-Sat after 10PM.

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                    1. re: liu

                      They are calling themselves a sushi bar and "Japanese grill" but I haven't seen a menu.

                      BTW, there is a relatively large Korean population in Thousand Oaks... There are two Korean churches on Moorpark Rd. I wish someone from that community would open a restaurant or two!

                      1. re: okie

                        Amen! I've mentioned the same thing to a girl I knew who went to one of those churches. There's also the large number of Chinese and Indian people employed by Amgen, which doesn't seem to have translated into dining options either =(.

                        1. re: quincyc

                          Hey guys... just a bit on the suki 7 menu... full sushi bar, robata grill... Kobe beef shabu shabu... specialty rolls all kinds of stuff, there will be a lounge yes, but after ch.8 and P6 they aren't putting the emphasis on that aspect, plus the lounge won't open for a couple months i think. Opens April 23rd....

                          1. re: Red Girl

                            This sounds good...but I am still quite skeptical when a sushi bar tries to be all things to all people: bar, grill, lounge. Perhaps it will serve the population, but I am concerned only about the sushi!
                            Thanks, Red Girl, for the opening date!

                            1. re: liu

                              What a disappointment! Called to make reservations, but they were booked. They didn't offer that it was acceptable to walk in for the sushi bar. I asked and they said they "couldn't guarantee seating." When I walked in they asked if I made a reservation and I said, "No, I'm here for the sushi bar." The little hostess with the short boy cut hair made a face like she was Lucy from "I love Lucy." I couldn't help but laugh how terrible their customer service was already. 45 minute wait for the sushi bar. I went to the bar and ordered my food there. They didn't even offer that you can order at the bar after telling me the sushi bar was a 45 minute wait. I can't remember the name of the rolls I had ordered, but it was the recommended by the bartender. Nothing special, but I'm not really keen with asparagus in my rolls. The kalbi beef skewer from the robata grill was tender and enjoyable. Skip the crab cakes, the sauce was not enough to moisten the dryness of it. The prawn appetizer reminded me of how my dad cooked shrimp. He's not that great of a cook (he specialized in spam and corn beef hash.) I should've ordered the Black Spaghetti, one of their specialities. I wanted to order it after my terrible meal in hopes to salvage the poor introduction Suki 7 but I didn't want to waste anymore money. I was really hoping Suki 7 would save me some miles from driving to Katsuya Encino and Koi in LA but I have yet to find a local sushi restaurant to satisfy my taste buds. Thanks for reading this and I hope it fulfills your curiosity of Suki 7

                  1. Ventured to Suki 7 last night and I don't think I'll return.

                    We didn't have a res but were seated at the sushi bar within about 15 minutes -- pretty good for the middle of a Saturday night. Their bar area is not very big and is in the rear of the main dining area. They did have a completely separate room when you could sit and order a cocktail, but I found it strange... Too separated from the rest of the place and rather empty, both of people and furniture.

                    Ordered a couple of their rolls and the "Mount Fuji" was actually quite good with fresh cucumber and spicy tuna. The other sushi was really underwhelming, as was the sampler platter from the robata grill, although the one skewer with asparagus wrapped in bacon was very tasty. The rest -- including part of a corn cob -- was really uninspired.

                    The decor was nice and hip but more understated than their other two restaurants (P6 and Chapter 8). I actually like to go get a cocktail but at those other two places (before or after a meal elsewhere) but I didn't care for the bar area at Suki 7. And the sushi bar didn't really have any energy or fun vibe.

                    And of course, the whole experience was quite expensive, especially given the very small quantity of food.

                    I actually think P6 and Chapter 8 have their places in the Conejo but I'm not quite sure Suki 7 is going to fly.