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Dinner on Saturday Night for 10 Guys

Any suggestions for a lively restaurant that's appropriate for 10 guys who are getting together for a bachelor party? Looking for Good food, and great ambiance (good drinks + lively)!

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  1. Fogo de Chao strikes me as a good bachelor party spot. It's lively and has meat and lots of it.

    1. I actually made reservations there, but the guys wanted a more "fun" place.

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        I would have recommended Hooters if not for you specifying that you want good food. Even though their wings are good, get this, they charge for celery and for bleu cheese.

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          What flavor of "more 'fun' place" do these Ten Guys want?

          Sports bar, sushi bar, bellydancer place, singing servers, demonstration kitchen or some other theme... Hamburgers at Five Guys twice?

        2. The new Clyde's downtown. Awesome "manly" ambience, lots of bars, and good food - not necessarily chowish - but I think a great choice for a bachelor party.

          1. Austin Grill
            J. Pauls
            Rosa Mexicano
            Lauriol Plaza

            1. My husband likes the Capital City Brewing Company with his friends.


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                Ew. Not only is their beer undrinkable their food is aboslutely terrible.

              2. Okay, this is one of the rare times I will recommend Marikesh (sp?)

                Enter through a locked door by knocking on it at an appointed time. Be seated on low couches around a small table (and if your group is the right size you have a whole area to yourselves). Watch the belly dancer under the spotlights. Eat a whole chicken with your hands by ripping it apart. Drink crazy amounts of cheap ass wine.

                Go to the bathroom and stop along the way to see a pic with the Stones there in the 70's.

                That's what the place is there for. Otherwise, yeah, get food somewhere else, like 5 guys - hit a game of some sort (hockey, b-ball), see the skin, etc.

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                  Marrikesh is definitely cool. You could drive right by without noticing it. The food's not bad, but you really go for the ambience. I went with 5 of my girlfriends and we had more fun people watching than anything else. The table next to us had some wierd vibe, like the women were paid escorts or something. It was bizarre but entertaining. And the bellydancer is very good.

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                    Yeah, we went for a birthday party and it was great for that (and that crowd). There seemed to be a business dinner at the table next to us, and that also seemed like it was pretty odd for them - sort of like "what did you get us into?"

                2. If you're going to get that rowdy, why not stop by Archibald's on K Street, the last of the old downtown strip clubs. I was at a party recently where some older Congressmen were laughing about how they used to go there back in the 70s before everything got on cable news and the internet.
                  It's probably a shabby throwback but this might be just the time to check it out.

                  1. Please report. What'd you do?

                    1. Good Guys on Wisconsin Ave. Never ate there, but it's a lot of fun. Bring money.

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                        You can eat at Sushi Ko, and get more raw stuff at Good Guys.

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                          There is also the Crystal City Restaurant, a nude dancing establishment that actually has decent food. The burgers at Archie's are not bad, either.

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                            I know about CCR, but they use pasties, JP's and Good Guy's doesn't.

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                              The routine on such occasions begins with lunch at Archies, followed by a mid-afternoon migration to Good Guys and rooms at the Holiday Inn. The next morning, a bloody Mary breakfast and a game of Find The Car. Cheers!

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                                If you haven't, you should check out the offerings at the baltimore block. Much better than DC.

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                                    No thanks. Had enough of that neighborhood back in the seventies when I had a Saturday night gig on Howard and it was in its glory. Anyhow, I can't run as fast as I used to and the price of bail has gone way up since then. I have to agree with you that Baltimore is still a lot more fun in general than DC.

                        2. The spices and maybe a few herbs thrown in for good measure, but I've done The Block and The Block has done me. Bon apetit, mon freres.