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Jan 4, 2007 09:18 PM

hot dogs at home

I got these great Niman Ranch hot dogs, and i'm looking for some ideas on how to serve them for dinner tonight. very casual, but somehow we don't want to eat them in the typical way with buns,etc. We won't be using a grill. Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. How about wrapping them in puff pastry and baking them? You could then slice them, and dip in wonderful mustards.

    1. Wrap them with bacon and bake in oven then add cheese and broil. I would still use a bun.

      Gosh, I haven't had this in about 15 years, but it's good!

      BUT seeing the Niman makes one of the better dogs out there, I wouldn't want to cover up the flavor!

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        the way you mentioned to prepare them was a favorite when I was growing up.

        however nowdays its Chicago style, or a chili dog. And its gotta be BEst Kosher, or Hebrew National.

        1. re: swsidejim

          Mmmmmm, bacon-wrapped kosher hot dogs!

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            my new favorite dog is hands down Thumanns natural casing. very hard to find during the off season though

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              Best Kosher dog, grilled. Slice of Farmland hot and spicy bacon, also grilled. A stripe of good old yellow mustard(not grilled:-)on a steamed bun. It doesn't get any better.
              A long ago hot dog place here called it St. Louis style. Never seen the term since.

          2. mmm I'd have them on a crusty bread with sauerkraut, hot mustard, and fried onions.

            the last time I made hot dogs at home, I pan-fried them instead of boiling. You do them 'til some parts are crispy and it tastes like hot dogs on an outdoor grill.

            1. We put deli coleslaw and grated cheddar on ours. Nice soft buns (no whole wheat or anything "healthy"!). We usually grill, but you could steam and they'd still be tasty!

              1. Naked (the dogs) on a plate with your favorite mustard, and maybe a side of baked beans, potato salad and/or coleslaw. Accopany with some nice cold brewskis.