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hot dogs at home

I got these great Niman Ranch hot dogs, and i'm looking for some ideas on how to serve them for dinner tonight. very casual, but somehow we don't want to eat them in the typical way with buns,etc. We won't be using a grill. Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. How about wrapping them in puff pastry and baking them? You could then slice them, and dip in wonderful mustards.

    1. Wrap them with bacon and bake in oven then add cheese and broil. I would still use a bun.

      Gosh, I haven't had this in about 15 years, but it's good!

      BUT seeing the Niman makes one of the better dogs out there, I wouldn't want to cover up the flavor!

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        the way you mentioned to prepare them was a favorite when I was growing up.

        however nowdays its Chicago style, or a chili dog. And its gotta be BEst Kosher, or Hebrew National.

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          Mmmmmm, bacon-wrapped kosher hot dogs!

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            my new favorite dog is hands down Thumanns natural casing. very hard to find during the off season though

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              Best Kosher dog, grilled. Slice of Farmland hot and spicy bacon, also grilled. A stripe of good old yellow mustard(not grilled:-)on a steamed bun. It doesn't get any better.
              A long ago hot dog place here called it St. Louis style. Never seen the term since.

          2. mmm I'd have them on a crusty bread with sauerkraut, hot mustard, and fried onions.

            the last time I made hot dogs at home, I pan-fried them instead of boiling. You do them 'til some parts are crispy and it tastes like hot dogs on an outdoor grill.

            1. We put deli coleslaw and grated cheddar on ours. Nice soft buns (no whole wheat or anything "healthy"!). We usually grill, but you could steam and they'd still be tasty!

              1. Naked (the dogs) on a plate with your favorite mustard, and maybe a side of baked beans, potato salad and/or coleslaw. Accopany with some nice cold brewskis.

                1. This isn't really for your dinner, but if you have kids, when I was small we learnt this at camp and I still eat it for snacks/breakfast!!!!

                  Chop up sausages (or hot dogs or vienna sausages), into rounds and fry in a hot frying pan with a little oil. Add some sliced onions and cook until cooked through. Add ketchup, a little salt and black pepper. Serve hot with toast...yummy....kids love this recipe too!!!

                  1. thanks for all the great ideas! now i'm debating...

                    1. I looooooove Niman Ranch hot dogs. They are called "Fearless Beef Franks," and they are a quarter of a pound each. I do nothing to cover their fantastic flavor, except ketchup and mustard. Some spicey baked beans on the side and a cold beer makes a perfect meal. I am envious .

                      1. One from childhood. Slice hot dogs on the diagonal, saute quickly with fresh asparagas sliced the same, soy sauce, touch of sugar, optional touch of hot sauce, drops of toasted sesame oil. Serve with rice.

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                          Sam you are definitely the man and can turn a thread faster than a tailor. I am not sure you will get rave reviews and gotta tries on this one but man can you think of ways to make a meal different.

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                            But, but, but...jfood...this is something my MOM!!! used to make for us. We used to eat all sorts of o-kazu with different combinations of a bit of meat and lots of vegetables. And, I wasn't after the "gotta tries". Was really after just the sort of comment you came up with. "Turn a thread faster than a tailor" Love it! Abrazos!

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                              Oh man I just had a thousand brain cell explode reading your post.

                              You guys ever have hot dog fried rice?! Geez man that's something I forgot about a long time ago...but loved as a kid. Now that I think about it, I remember my mom frying the sliced up dogs (Farmer Johns) in the big cast iron skillet to get some "flavor" for the rice and thinking, alright we're going to have some good food tonight.

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                            Yes! I grew up with "sato-shoyu" stir fry. Simple breakfast was sliced, fried sausages (hotdogs from Maui Meat Co. were a fave), and good rice or musubi. Mmmmm.

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                              Mmmmmmm....musubi and sliced hot dogs sato shoyu!!!

                              ML8000, we would have, but we almost never ate fried rice.

                          3. I don't care about the lineage of the dog as long as the flavor and snap are there.

                            I do like the idea of both bacon and puff pastry wrap.

                            Likewise grill the puppy, through on a great roll with mustard, relish and kraut.

                            Then take another one and through some good chili on it with some melted cheddar.

                            For dessert go for a chi-town dog.

                            OMG gotta go and have my roasted chicken and oven fries.

                            1. It's all your fault pakravan7, your raising this issue impelled me to steam some Vienna natural casing dogs tonight. I ate some with a slice of buttermilk bread wrapped around them and slathered with some Plochman's Hot Peppa mustard, and some naked with the Plochman's. The Naked dogs were by far the best, no carbohydrate distractions, just snap, a touch of spice, some juice and a mild mustard bite.

                              1. Boar's Head in natural casing. Yum!

                                Boiled or grilled ... with or without bun and good mustard. Or with boiled baby red potatoes and braised German red cabbage.