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Jan 4, 2007 09:14 PM

What is the atmosphere at the Farm on Adderley?

I want to take my BF here for his birthday but am wondering if it's cozy and romantic? Also, are the waits long on a Saturday night?

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  1. I really like this restaurant...a solid third place behind applewood or 360 in my opinion. That being said, I don't think of it as romantic. It's a long room split up by a wall in between. It's a bit on the crowded side and they put the tables close together. The prices are great and I loved my hangar steak and chocolate mouse with salted cream. The cheese plate was very good and very large for the money. Service was great. I'm not sure if they take reservations for small parties but they held our table for 8 one night when it was quite packed.

    I'd recommend Applewood and request a romantic table by the fireplace. Of course with 70 degree temps this weekend, you may not get the chance.

    1. Actually, "The Farm On Adderley" would be a first choice for a cozy meal. Since the service people are low-key and ever-ready to please and there is certainly the correct "romance-lighting" candlepower.

      I'm also one who believes in decent value and on both counts, food and drink, it's there. We went last Tuesday and enjoyed a meal that was transporting, including wonderfully executed salmon and a hearty duck breast...both accompanied by greener than green greens (IIRC, one was swiss chard, the other shredded collards). Add a couple bottles of reasonably priced Rioja and we were set. The menu is seasonal and you can tell this owner and chef CARE about local ingredients and what emerges from the kitchen. After a few high-class experiences, T.F.O.A. is already on my "top-five" dining chart.

      I also observed lovey-dovey couples, seated side-by-side, in one or more of the rooms nooks and crannies. Any doubts?...take a peek inside.