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Jan 4, 2007 09:14 PM

Wedding cake recommendations in South Bay?

Hi all,

My wedding is coming up this spring (is it really only 3 months away!?) and I still need to order the wedding cake. Our reception will be in Mountain View, so I'm assuming that it would be simplest to find someplace in that general area, or a bakery that will deliver without charging an extra "travel" fee along with the regular set-up charge. We're having a small wedding (about 40 people) and are trying to keep costs as low as possible, so the places that charge $10 a slice are way out of our budget. In fact, we'd like to keep things to under $5 a slice, if that's at all possible. And, of course, we'd love it to taste great. ;-) We're open to any suggestions (cupcakes or petit fours, 2 or 3 "regular" cakes rather than a traditional wedding cake, etc.) and are seeking your recommendations for bakeries or even individuals you know or have heard about who bake quality cakes for special occasions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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  1. My fave cakeshop is Icing on the Cake in Los Gatos, but I'm not sure they're within your budget. Real butter and cream products can't be had on the cheap, but cheaper products using shortening aren't worth eating IMO, so why not start there anyway? Good luck, and congrats!

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      I believe some friends of friends of ours got their wedding cake here. They ordered a cake from here for a baby shower I attended, and it was so good the boyfriend is now interested in making this our wedding cakery. (We haven't visited or looked into prices or anything yet.)

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        I got our wedding cake at Icing on the Cake in LG and it was really good! You can go in for a sampling. The carrot cake it truely amazing, even if you do not normally like carrot cake. We also had 40 people at our wedding. But, Im not sure if they deliver...

      2. We got our wedding cake from what is now called Margaret's French Bakery in Campbell and it was EXCELLENT! We still get comments from our wedding guests on it.

        They used to have stores in Los Altos and Saratoga, but now just do cakes. All I can recall is that the price included delivery, set up, etc.

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          Our cake was from Margaret's as well. Huge hit -- layers of hazelnut, chocolate-raspberry, chocolate truffle and tiramisu covered in chocolate. They have smaller cakes that may fit your budget, as well as other options if I recall correctly (oddly, they are sometimes at the Montclair farmer's market).

        2. Rachel at Petite Patisserie made our wedding cake and it was FANTASTIC. So delicious there was absolutely nothing left over. Good thing I didn't care about taking the top layer home!
          Rachel is wonderful and runs the business herself - I enjoy supporting organic business even more than I enjoy supporting small local ones, so friendly + local + organic + delicious and beautiful is a sure win for me. I hope it works out for you, and congratulations!
          The website:

          1. Aki's in San Jose is an old family favorite. Not super fancy but tasty and very reasonably priced

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              Aki's doesn't deliver. You can order a wedding cake but it has to be picked up.

              I have had wedding cake from Bijan and it was pretty good.

              Not sure if they deliver though.

              1. re: Margo

                We did a tasting at Bijan and Margaret's prior to choosing our wedding cake. Margaret's won hands down ioho

              2. re: recycleit

                I read recently in the SJ Mercury News that Aki's was closing.

                1. re: katya

                  simply switching owners. the new owners are doing a fine job of keeping aki's recipies from what i've heard. the guava cake is still delicious.

              3. Nancy's Fancies in San Carlos. She did my wedding cake and it was beautiful as well as delicious. She works out of a commercial kitchen on Old County Road. Reasonable price and delivered to Fogarty in Woodside.

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                  Nancy's Fancies did mine as well - it was delicious and her prices were reasonable. We got one sheet of almond cake with Italian meringue frosting and raspberry filling and another sheet of chocolate/chocolate. She does free tastings at her Belmont kitchen, and delivered to our Palo Alto event.