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Wedding cake recommendations in South Bay?

Hi all,

My wedding is coming up this spring (is it really only 3 months away!?) and I still need to order the wedding cake. Our reception will be in Mountain View, so I'm assuming that it would be simplest to find someplace in that general area, or a bakery that will deliver without charging an extra "travel" fee along with the regular set-up charge. We're having a small wedding (about 40 people) and are trying to keep costs as low as possible, so the places that charge $10 a slice are way out of our budget. In fact, we'd like to keep things to under $5 a slice, if that's at all possible. And, of course, we'd love it to taste great. ;-) We're open to any suggestions (cupcakes or petit fours, 2 or 3 "regular" cakes rather than a traditional wedding cake, etc.) and are seeking your recommendations for bakeries or even individuals you know or have heard about who bake quality cakes for special occasions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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  1. My fave cakeshop is Icing on the Cake in Los Gatos, but I'm not sure they're within your budget. Real butter and cream products can't be had on the cheap, but cheaper products using shortening aren't worth eating IMO, so why not start there anyway? Good luck, and congrats!

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      I believe some friends of friends of ours got their wedding cake here. They ordered a cake from here for a baby shower I attended, and it was so good the boyfriend is now interested in making this our wedding cakery. (We haven't visited or looked into prices or anything yet.)

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        I got our wedding cake at Icing on the Cake in LG and it was really good! You can go in for a sampling. The carrot cake it truely amazing, even if you do not normally like carrot cake. We also had 40 people at our wedding. But, Im not sure if they deliver...

      2. We got our wedding cake from what is now called Margaret's French Bakery in Campbell and it was EXCELLENT! We still get comments from our wedding guests on it.

        They used to have stores in Los Altos and Saratoga, but now just do cakes. All I can recall is that the price included delivery, set up, etc.

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          Our cake was from Margaret's as well. Huge hit -- layers of hazelnut, chocolate-raspberry, chocolate truffle and tiramisu covered in chocolate. They have smaller cakes that may fit your budget, as well as other options if I recall correctly (oddly, they are sometimes at the Montclair farmer's market).

        2. Rachel at Petite Patisserie made our wedding cake and it was FANTASTIC. So delicious there was absolutely nothing left over. Good thing I didn't care about taking the top layer home!
          Rachel is wonderful and runs the business herself - I enjoy supporting organic business even more than I enjoy supporting small local ones, so friendly + local + organic + delicious and beautiful is a sure win for me. I hope it works out for you, and congratulations!
          The website: http://www.petitepatisserie.com/

          1. Aki's in San Jose is an old family favorite. Not super fancy but tasty and very reasonably priced

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              Aki's doesn't deliver. You can order a wedding cake but it has to be picked up.

              I have had wedding cake from Bijan and it was pretty good.

              Not sure if they deliver though.

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                We did a tasting at Bijan and Margaret's prior to choosing our wedding cake. Margaret's won hands down ioho

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                I read recently in the SJ Mercury News that Aki's was closing.

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                  simply switching owners. the new owners are doing a fine job of keeping aki's recipies from what i've heard. the guava cake is still delicious.

              3. Nancy's Fancies in San Carlos. She did my wedding cake and it was beautiful as well as delicious. She works out of a commercial kitchen on Old County Road. Reasonable price and delivered to Fogarty in Woodside.

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                  Nancy's Fancies did mine as well - it was delicious and her prices were reasonable. We got one sheet of almond cake with Italian meringue frosting and raspberry filling and another sheet of chocolate/chocolate. She does free tastings at her Belmont kitchen, and delivered to our Palo Alto event.

                2. Check out Galli's Sanitary Bakery 324 Grand Ave SSF
                  Despite the name, their cakes are beautiful and delicious. We used them for our son's wedding and were very happy with them all around. Our wedding was for 200 but they have all size cakes available. You can have a free cake tasting.

                  1. Can you do a wedding cake for $5 a slice or less? I thought the wedding industry was so incredibly overpriced that having cake that cheap would be nearly impossible. It'd be nice if you could get something at $5 a piece though.

                    1. I recommend La Patisserie in Cupertino. Forty people doesn't require that much cake, so you might be better off getting an assortment of regular cakes and then picking them up yourself. We did that for our wedding, and everyone enjoyed the variety and seemed to appreciate a change from the traditional wedding cake.


                      1. As someone who makes wedding cakes, let me give you my perspective. Cakes take a lot of time to make. Quality ingredients cost money. I pride myself on using only the best organic dairy, organic flour from Guisto's, chocolate from Scharffenberger, El Rey, Valrhona.

                        What you are also paying for is my expertise and years of experience. I know what fillings will withstand an afternoon wedding in the spring, why fondant really isn't all that and a bag of chips, how to properly construct the whole damn thing so it doesn't topple over. Besides, the expectations placed on a wedding cake are extraordinary! Would you expect an hors d'oeuvre to look good and taste good after sitting out at room temperature for 6 hours?

                        By example, I am in the middle of a wedding cake for 150 people for delivery tomorrow afternoon. I have spent already 20 hours on this cake and my time includes baking for the "complimentary" tasting, several rounds of emails and voicemails with the very detail oriented bride (as they all are), shopping for ingredients, making fillings, icings, baking the cake and starting to assemble the whole thing. I have yet to decorate it and I will spend about 4-5 hours working on it tomorrow. Then over the Golden Gate Bridge for the "free delivery" to the venue where I will set it up (complimentary, of course!) and make any finishing touches.

                        Nothing is free and everything is factored into the final price. Not to mention the gas, bridge tolls, my overhead, and oh yeah, I'd like to get paid too.

                        I also know that the wedding industry is a crock of sh*t as I just got married last year and went through all this crap. I felt like I was hemmorrhaging money and everytime I checked my voicemail and email, some vendor somewhere was asking for another deposit.

                        If you want something for under $5 a person, get a sheet cake from somewhere (Costco, anyone?) What about a dessert buffet? There are a myriad of options to be had, be creative. Maybe a relative or close friend wants to make you a cake? That is a lovely gift to give.

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                          Thanks you for your perspective. Consumers are brutal and negate any human factor in exchange for "a good deal". The exceptional wedding cake is talked about for years after the event, perhaps remembered more than the wedding itself. Your committment to your craft is not only admirable, but has innate value and should be well compensated.

                        2. I recommend Amy Peeples at Peeples Baking. Her webpage is www.peeplesbaking.com She is in RWC and does tasting cakes and has new ideas and works with the bride to figure out the best cake for the wedding. Check out the web page. She makes an awesome carrot cake!

                          1. You could try some wedding cupcakes from Sibby's Cupcakery in San Mateo, they will deliver for a fee. The cupcakes are delicious and she will decorate them according to your request.

                            1. I would definetly recommend Margarets French Bakery. They used to be called Marjolaines French Bakery and had 2 stores in Saratoga and Los Altos, but not they mainly do orders, and wedding cakes and are right next to Downtown Campbell. I've been going to them for years now, and their cakes and pastries are to die for. Not too sweet and made all from scratch with all fresh ingredients (real butter :). Margaret is quite well known for her beautiful wedding cakes and they range from only $4.50 to $5.50 per person. They also set up and deliver. The prices, ingredients, look and taste are incredible. Hey,give me good tasting treats at a reasonable price and I'm there. Hope this helps. :)

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                                I recently tasted cakes at Margaret's French Bakery and Icing on the Cake in my endeavor to find the cake for my wedding (which is coming up faster than I can believe).

                                Here is my assessment:
                                Margaret's cakes look prettier - they are much more creative in style and variety. Their chocolate cake was very good. Fillings and toppings were lacking. She will do real flowers and sources them from Watsonville.

                                Icing on the Cake - taste MUCH better. The cakes were moist, flavorful above the frosting, and wholly yummy. They do not decorate with real flowers, that is up to your florist.

                                Margaret was very helpful and their pricing is significantly less.

                              2. I've had 5 cake tastings in the last couple months for our upcoming wedding.

                                Nancy's Fancies in San Carlos, Icing on the Cake in Los Gatos, Katrina Rozelle in Oakland, and True Confections in Berkeley were all excellent. Love at First Bite in Berkeley a little less so for their cupcakes. (Teacakes in Emeryville on the other hand have delish cupcakes but can't do delivery or set-up.)

                                We decided to go with Nancy's. We thought her cakes (especially the chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and the lemon cake with lemon curd filling) were slightly better. Plus. hers is the cheapest of the non-cupcake bakeries at $5/slice. And her cakes were the prettiest by a smidge.