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Jan 4, 2007 09:11 PM

Crate and Barrel Staxx Porcelain Question

Has anybody had experience with this stuff? Does it fit in dishwashers/cabinets/ etc???

It's slighlty modern, easy to replace. Oven safe.
Is there a better recommendation for everyday tableware?


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  1. Yes, it will fit in standard kitchen cabinets. And dishwashers.
    I don't have any Crate and Barrel dinnerware but their things are very popular. This is a nice simple pattern.
    It's also inexpensive and available open stock so that you can buy exactly what you need or want. I like to have a lot of matching dinner plates - at least 12, but I have 24 in 2 different patterns - so that I never have to use paper plates or rent for parties. I don't need that many of the other pieces.
    If you break something, you can replace it. Unless Crate and Barrel discontinues this style. But it's inexpensive enough that this shouldn't really be a concern. Sure, there's other things that are unlikely to be discontinued, like Buffalo, Apilco or good bone china but they are a lot more expensive.

    The big question is - Do you like it? Get the 4 place-setting starter set and see how it works. If it makes you happy, add more.

    1. It's always available at the C&B outlet in my neighborhood. I've been using it as my everyday plates and bowls for over a year now and am very pleased. It's very durable and shows no ill effects of frequent dishwasher use.