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Cancer surviror - Dine about town recommendation needed

My mother survived lung cancer last year. To celebrate the New Year, I will be taking her on a Hornblower cruise this weekend. I'd also like to take her out to dinner in the City later in January.

Which of the better Dine About Town restraunts are located within two or three blocks of a BART Station? I am unable to drive into San Francisco so proximity to BART is essential. TIA

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  1. I might add that she is not a fan of fish or steak.

      1. In order of preferance:

        1. One Market

        2. Americano

        3. Seasons at the Four Seasons

        Keep in mind these are sample menus and from the positive post above on this year's lunch at One Market, many restaurants change the menu, especially those relying on seasonal ingrediants.

        One Market has always had positive mentions.

        I liked the ambiance the year I went to Seasons. Get a cocktail at the bar to celebrate. Wonderful bar snacks. Service is top notch. The food is certainly better than Hornblower.

        I haven't been to Americano but it would be high on my list if I was doing DAT this year. It is near One Market, so if you reserved there and the DAT menu that night was fish and steak, you could easily trot over to the Americano and see what they were serving that night. The usual dat thing though is either chicken/salmon or chicken/pasta at most places.

        1. Thank you for your kind responses. Please try to include which BART station for any of your recommendations. I realize that One Market and Americano are close to the Embarcadero Station.

          Thanks again. And Happy New Year!

          1. Yeah, not too familiar with BART. Here's the link to the BART map.

            Montgomery is probably the closest to Seasons

            1. Has anyone tried the Market St. Grill (in the Ramada)?

              1. Any opinions on Fringal, Frizzon, or Mo Mo's (no fish or steak)? Would Aziza or Rubicon be a good choice? Near BART is essential.


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                  MoMo's is terrible. I wouldn't even go there for beer before a Giants game.

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                    I've consistently enjoyed Fringale over the years. I haven't been there in the past year, but the recent Chowhound reports that I can find have been pretty bullish. Solid French bistro fare.

                    And, of course, it's not too far from BART: maybe an 8 minute stroll from the Powell St. station.

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                      Fringale is not in the 2-3 block radius the OP requested. Extending the what ... 10 blocks to Fringale would certainly open up a whole list of restaurants as would restaurants that could be reached by bus from BART. Also, some of that walk to Fringale is not pleasant at night.

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                        Fair enough, but just to add some perspective, since I lived at 4th and Harrison for three years:

                        1) It's not 3 blocks, but it's certainly not 10. It's just over five:


                        The walk to Market St. is not far at all -- short enough that you'd never consider driving or taking a bus. And it's mostly quite pleasant -- broad, well lit streets, etc. (But see below:


                        2) The only part of the walk that could be considered "unpleasant" is the half-block under the highway. And even that isn't unsafe -- just not well lit. The place where I lived was approximately two hundred feet from this small stretch of 4th, and my girlfriend and I were out all the time at night and never felt particularly unsafe. YMMV, of course.

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                          As someone who works in this general area, I think the status of the OP has to be considered here. The distance from the BART stop on Market to Fringale is roughly seven-tenths of a mile. For able-bodied folks, that's not an issue...for someone with potential mobility and/or endurance issues (like a cancer survivor, in this case), that 0.7 miles might be a tad on the long side.

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                            Certainly true. Who would be best able to evaluate whether or not nine-twentieths of a mile is acceptable but seven-tenths of a mile is too far? Probably the OP.

                  2. Aziza is nowhere near a BART station; Rubicon is a longish walk from Embarcadero or Montgomery BART.

                    I had dinner several years ago at Market Grill at the Ramada -- it's decent hotel food, but nothing special.

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                      ... and the other three restaurants are not near BART.

                      The only other restaurants near BART don't meet your criteria or have had mediocre posts.

                      The Waterfront at Embarcardero BART is about fish. The Cosmopolitan is near Embarcadero BART as well, but has had a number of changes in the kitchen from what I've read.

                      Roy's is near Montgomery BART from my understanding and always gets medicore reviews.

                      Lark Creek Steak near Powell Street BART is ... well ... steak.

                    2. Thank you for your responses. Any additional help is appreciated!

                      1. One Market
                        1 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
                        (415) 777-5577
                        Tube: Embarcadero

                        1. what is it are you really looking for? The recommendations posted so far are really great ones. Would you say why you still want more? What about the places recommended do you find lacking?

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                            I have the same questions. The details about the person being a cancer survivor are a bit confusing. Are you looking for recommendations for cancer survivors?