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Jan 4, 2007 09:02 PM

Dinner near Howard Community College

Going to see "Santaland Diaries" at HCC tomorrow night. Where should we have dinner first? I'd eat any type of cuisine but I think my date may be somewhat pickier.

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  1. I recommend Zapata's Mexican restaurant in the Harper's Choice village center on Harper's Farm road about five minutes away from Howard CC.

    1. Sushi Sono is down by the lake, fairly close by, and really good....Maiwand Kabob is good in the Harper's Choice Village Center, if you want really low key, casual, counter service.....El Azteca in Clarksville for Mexican....or Great Sage for vegetarian.

      1. I agree with both of these suggestions. Maiwand Kabob is my favorite in the area, I love the Chicken Tika and Kofta kabobs, but it is a very casual/sterile environment. Great for the food, but not the atmosphere. I also like Zapata's for a better atmosphere than Maiwand, and they have great margaritas. Keep in mind that if you cut through the neighborhood, you're not too far from Iron Bridge Wine Co. on 108, although it'll likely be hard to get a table.

        1. Of course! My personal fave.....Iron Bridge. How could I have forgotten? Jason is correct, though....depending on the time, it may be hard to get a table in time to make it to your show. It's really a nice place with good food and wine, though....

          1. Due to time constraints (and my guest feeling adventurous in eating and wanting to try sometihng new) we ended up at Pho Dat Thanh on Snowden. I'd been before but he'd never eaten Vietnamese. We ordered shredded crispy beef and some lemon chicken with peanuts over vermicilli. We were both happy with both dishes.