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Jan 4, 2007 08:48 PM

H Mart Happy Hour

Just drove past H Mart today (I hope I got that name right - the one at Gallows Rd. & Lee Highway) and noticed a banner outside saying "Happy Hour." But it wasn't in sight long enough to read any more than that.

Has anyone read the whole sign or know the significance of happy hour at a grocery store? Half priced kim che? ;)

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  1. Karaoke in the Produce Dept?

    1. I'm intrigued that no other hounds have weighed in on this thread! i would also like to know about their happy hour!

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      1. re: alkapal

        I believe that they put some items on sale during the happy hour.

      2. Don't know about this happy hour, but I was there recently on a Saturday morning, and they had just butchered an ENTIRE tuna, which everyone could eat raw, with various dipping sauces. There is something a little frightening about eating raw fish in a supermarket, but I worked up my nerve and tried it, and it was really excellent tuna. I wonder if this is a regular sat.-morning occurance, or just serendipitous?

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          was it mobbed to get the tuna? how did the price compare with sushi places?

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            Actually, H Mart is one place I would trust to buy sushi grade fish.

            H Mart does have alot of sampling available during the weekends. I was there yesterday afternoon, and I sampled salmon, tofu soup, bulgogi, and gyoza.

            Sometimes they have special events where there are even more samples available than a typical weekend.

          2. I avoid peak times but my understanding of the Happy Hour signs is the same as Lori's. I'll add that they do indeed offer certain freshly made packaged items, eg the fried foods, half price after a fixed time in the evening every day.

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            1. re: Minger

              It would be in keeping with Korean marketing practices to do that the last hour they're open in the evening. We took part in the closing bargains in the the food shop basements of department stores in Seoul last summer. 1/3 to 1/2 off seemed to be pretty normal.

            2. take note when you're in there... they'll randomly announce over the PA system that pineapples will be half off for the next 10 minutes... or whatever produce. it strikes me as odd...since the lines are often longer than 10 minutes. but yea. keep your ears open.