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Jan 4, 2007 08:43 PM

Sripraphai - need help with veggie and non-spicy dishes

I've been going to Sripraphai regularly for a while now, and
have had a lot that the menu offers, but
I am bringing a group there soon and among them will be some
kids. The parents have told me that the kids would eat noodles
that are fairly plain. These kids will eat the ubiquitous
cold sesame noodles in chinese places, but I know of no Thai
equivalent. I'm thinking pad thai, but I am wondering
if anyone has suggestions for other noodle dishes that might
qualify. I see from the menu that there is one called "Egg noodles with roast pork or spare ribs". Anyone familiar with this?
Or maybe "Soy Sauce noodles with meat and broccoli?

Also, there will be some vegetarians. Anyone have experience
with ordering meat dishes from the menu and substituting
tofu for the meat?

Lastly, are there any soups that are relatively bland, sort
of like a clear chicken broth soup? Tom Ka Gai is the closest
I could think of.



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  1. Get a babysitter!

    But seriously, even the most bland versions of what they sell will still have a lot of flavor. Tom Kha Gai is ussually made with coconut milk. Tom Yum is not...But I have had their Tom Yum and it was the best version I have ever had, really full of flavor.

    I know I am not really answering your question, I just think it might be very hard to find "bland" food at Sri.

    1. Don't know about kids' stuff, but one of my favorite dishes that I always order there is Stewed beef tendon soup. It's relatively simple tasting. It used to come just plain (not spicy), but lately they have been making it with spices and lemon grass (some days it's less acidic, some days is more). If you order it mild, and you're lucky enough to get not very acidic version, it could probably pass for "relatively bland". I always dark broth option, light broth maybe even blander, not sure how it tastes though.

      1. For the vegetarians, be careful, if they will not eat fish products. Many Thai dishes that do not have meat/fish in their basic ingredients are made with fish sauce. It is a pretty ubiquitous ingredient. While almost all servers speak English well enough, they may not be totally aware of how all of the dishes are made.

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          You wouldn't know about it unless you've asked the servers at Sri, but there is a HUGE, totally separate VEGETARIAN MENU there. I didn't know about it until I brought a vegetarian there once, and she asked the servers.

          From that menu, she ordered a veggie glass noodle casserole dish and really liked it. I tasted it and thought it was a smidgen bland, but then I like spicy while she doesn't.

          Of course, who knows if the shrimp paste, fish sauce, etc., is actually omitted from those vegetarian menu dishes, but those noodles def. did NOT taste like they had any shrimp paste, etc. in them.

          In fact, I know a VEGAN guy who thinks Sripraphai is spectacularly good, and goes there as often as possible. He swears by the veg. menu. (He's Ecuadorian. I asked him, "Are there any other vegans in Ecuador?!" He said, "Nope, I really don't think so!" Heh.)

          1. re: Ike

            Really?! I need to get back there then (and can drag my vegetarian partner, woohoo!). Does anybody else have experience with dishes off this secret vegetarian menu?

            1. re: Ike

              yes, thanks for that tip, that's awesome. will keep in mind.

          2. The soy sauce noodles you mention are a good bet. That is what in most restaurants is called pad see you. It is basically a tasty brown sauce. Most kids like it, I think. ALso, there is always sate. They don't have to eat the peanut sauce. And plain rice. In geheral, the food is not that exotic. You should not have a problem, re. the kids.

            1. Here are some non-spicy dishes:

              A-18 BBQ Pork tenders
              A-19 BBQ Pork
              A-27 Fried Shrimp Cake
              A-28 Shrimp wrapped in egg roll skin
              A-30 Fried egg roll
              A-33 Steamed chicken & shrimp dumplings

              N-1 Pad Thai noodles (can substitute tofu for shrimp)
              N-2 Saute noodles topped with choice of meat & chinese broccoli
              N-3 Soy sauce noodles with meat & broccoli
              N-4 Saute noodles with chicken & yellow squid (one of my favorite noodle dishes)
              N-14 Egg noodles with roast pork or spare ribs
              N-15 Crispy egg noodle toped with shrimp, chicken & bamboo shoots
              N-17 Preserved bean curd soup with vegetables, bean thread, pork, chicken & seafood
              N-18 Fish maw soup
              N-19 Noodle soup with sliced duck or stewed duck

              S-4 Bean curd soup with ground pork or chicken
              S-5 Vegetable soup with ground pork, squid, & chicken
              S-6 Bean thread soup with ground chicken
              S-7 Pork with mustard green soup
              S-9 Stewed beef tendon choice light or dark soup

              O-1 Pork leg with mustard greens over rice
              O-3 Roasted pork with special house sauce over rice
              O-4 Roasted duck with chinese watercress over rice
              O-5 Stewed beef over rice
              O-8 Shrimp paste fried rice with chicken & dry shrimp
              O-11 Shrimp fried rice
              O-14 Pan fried mussels

              C-2 Saute bean thread with shrimp & chicken
              C-3 Saute pork stomach with mustard greens
              C-4 Pan fried egg with ground pork or chicken
              C-5 Fried chicken or BBQ chicken
              C-6 Saute chicken with ginger, onion & scallion
              C-7 Bean thread with shrimp & pork in casserole
              C-8 Saute vegetable with oyster sauce
              C-9 Saute chinese broccoli with salted fish
              C-10 Saute chinese broccoli with crispy pork

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              1. re: E Eto

                I would not trust the menu on non-spiciness, as I stated in my post above, the s-9 Stewed beef tendon soup now comes in mild/medium/spicy versions. I was bummed at first - I suspect too many people asked to spice it up, so they decided to make it spicy.