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Jan 4, 2007 08:41 PM

Suggestions for Beef Barley Soup Accompanyment?

I just made beef barley soup and I'm stumped as to what to eat with it tonight... I'm thinking along the lines of panini but would love any other suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Beef barley soup is a pretty complete meal if it has lots of vegetables. If you are looking for some contrasting flavours or colours, do a nice crispy salad to eat before, not with, or a bright dish of stewed fruit and ice cream or piece of grasshopper pie to eat afterwards. Or a mini fruit and cheese plate.

    1. A good crusty boule and a green salad are all it needs.

      1. Some challah bread would go good with that - it's useful for sopping up the delicious driblets left in the bowl! Tasty and nicely soft . . .

        1. If you're not still recovering from indulging over the holidays I'd suggest nice, big, fat slices of garlic bread. My MIL made this over the holidays (horizontal slices versus vertical)...damn was it tasty.

          1. I second the idea of a nice crusty atisian bread and a salad... pure heaven!