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Jan 4, 2007 08:22 PM

Sushi Nishi-ya in Glendale

Had a very nice lunch at Nishi-ya today. It's on the Glendale/Burbank border at the corner of Victory and Western. The chef formerly worked at a sushi bar in Santa Monica and has now started his own place. It's omakase only, meaning he sets the menu; you can specify any dislikes and he will not include them.

The quality of the fish was excellent (Boston tuna, Japanese yellowtail, East coast blue crab, Norwegian salmon, Scottish salmon, and others). The sushi rice was very good, but perhaps not as skillfully shaped as I have experienced elsewhere. One special touch was the addition of a slice of sweet kelp to the Scottish salmon. The offerings were generally traditional, with the exception of the spicy tuna handroll. I also noticed he served fresh water eel, which I understand is not traditional in sushi bars (sea eel is served instead).

I found the price very reasonable, particularly given the quality of the fish. He serves only sushi, so do not expect to find chicken teriyaki or tempura. It is certainly the best sushi bar I've found in that particular area. I recommend it.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up.

    How much is omakase at lunch and/or dinner? Do they serve alcohol? Were there any interesting fish specials (i.e. needle fish, flying fish, butterfish, Sea Bream,etc...)?

    1. As for price, here's what I had for about $30:

      1. Tuna appetizer (2 slices of fish in a miso sauce with greens & seaweed)
      2. Yellowtail nigiri
      3. Salmon nigiri (two types, one piece of each)
      4. Blue crab handroll
      5. Albacore nigiri (ginger, scallion, ponzu)
      6. Spicy tuna handroll

      It was quite a lot of food. I had tried to stop after #5 but
      he interpreted my words as wanting just one more.

      As for prices at dinner, I can only assume they are the same.
      I did not notice whether he had a liquor license. As for
      fish specials, I did not see anything posted, but he did
      describe each piece as he delivered it. The salmon
      and yellowtail were particularly distinctive.

      I should also mention that the restaurant is very small, seating about
      8 at the bar and having a few tables.

      1. awesome. i'm gonna go try this week. i hope it's delish as i'm always looking for sushi places in my neck of the woods. thanks for the post!~

        1. Does anyone have the exact address and phone number of this place? Do they require advance reservations for the omakase menu? I've googled the name and can't find it. Thanks

          1. Sushi Nishi-ya
            1712 Victory Blvd
            Glendale 91201

            open for lunch 12-2
            closed Sundays

            Excited to have omakase nearby, we went tonight for dinner. We were the only customers. Bill came to $113 before tip.

            (this is not the order of what was served)

            1. tuna with mustard miso, seaweed and daikon sprouts
            2. monkfish liver which had a different texture and color b/c chef removes muscle grinds it
            3. yellow tail - one from the back, the other piece from the belly
            4. hokkaido scallop
            5. blue crab hand roll
            6. snow crab and Alaskan king crab
            7. salmon - one smoked, the other served with a slice of kelp the chef makes
            8. salmon roe - the chef has his own marinade
            9. sea cucumber -- crunchy, in a marinade like a pickle, hardest part is getting over its looks, chef gave this to us on the house,
            10. spanish mackerel
            11. halibut
            12. black cod (cooked) sushi
            13. one large asahi beer
            they do serve beer and wine