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Jan 4, 2007 08:14 PM

ideas for pre-made caramels (besides eating them)

we were inundated with caramels over the holidays--godd, fleur de sel type. anyone have recipes or suggestions as to how to incorporate them into desserts, rahter than just unwrapping and eating (and repeating and repeating!) thanks

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  1. There's a recipe on epi for caramel chocolate chunk cookies that's pretty good. I've made them for Christmas a couple of years.

    1. Melt them and pour over really good vanilla ice cream. YUM.

      1. Oatmeal carmelitas are good.

        1. Melt them and use them to fill choux puffs (especially the fleur de sel ones!) with a sprinkling of powdered sugar on them.

          Make decadent brownies! Put chocolate chips in the batter. Fill the pan with half the batter and bake just until set. Pour melted caramel over the brownies and put in the fridge until caramel is solid again (about an hour). Top with remaining batter and bake til done.

          1. turtles ...
            caramel pudding ...
            caramel sauce ...
            caramel apples/other fruit