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Jan 4, 2007 08:07 PM

Romantic Recommendations?

I need some recommendations for a nice, romantic dinner for 2. I'm thinking somewhere in the price range of $85-$100 each, not including wine.

My girlfriend and I are having a special night out and are staying at the Royalton, so we would prefer somewhere that we can walk to (a short cab ride away wouldn't be the worst thing in the world), either on the westside, or in the 40s on the eastside.

On previous special occasions, we have gone to, and love, le bernadin, lavagna, georgio's, and convivium (in brooklyn). We want something that we haven't tried before, that's as good if not better. Plus, we definitely want something romantic (le bernadin is great, romantic it is not).

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  1. Lattanzi w46th st between 8th & 9th

    1. L'Impero serves excellent modern Italian cuisine in a space that has low-key elegance and a romantic feel. It's located on Tudor Place, b/t 42nd & 43rd Sts. A very short cab ride or, if the weather continues to be as mild as it's been, you can walk there from the Royalton. Note: If you do go, the seriously delicious mushrooms and polenta are not to be missed!!

      1. One if by land, two if by sea is the most romantic restaurant I have been to in New York so far and the food was fantastic. I went there just after getting engaged and was not disappointed. It's just a great location for a romantic dinner. It's a bit further away from your hotel, but it's worth it (I think).

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          Oh. Oh, no. Please do a search and read other reviews on this site about OIBLTIBS on this board. It is just awful.

        2. Thanks for the recommendations. I've heard some not so great things about One if by Land, and I checked out the website for L'Impero. While food is top priority, we're going to celebrate our engagement and Lattanzi looks super cozy; perfect for escaping the city.