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best over the top lunch in NY??

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i am having lunch with a dear friend that i haven't seen in ages. both adore wonderful food and want to have a decadent lunch. not really looking for prix fixes. initial thought was l'atelier. any other ideas? thanks!

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  1. Even though it is prix fix, I happen to love Le Bernardin for a fabulous lunch that is luxurious as well.

    1. I would reccomend Jean Georges.... it gives you much more flexibity and the food and overall experience is wonderful. You choose two courses (all are tasting portions) for $28 with each additional course $12.

      1. Agree with kesues. The lunch menu at JG is the most flexible way to enjoy a haute cuisine lunch. Everything is wonderful and you can have as few as 2 or as many courses as you can eat (and pay for) at $12 more a pop.

        The room is beautiful during the day with the sunlight streaming in the windows too.

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          i'll 3rd the JG rec !
          also, haven't been in a while but we used to go way over the top at Caviar Russe

        2. lunch at Le Bernardin is $55, but I believe the dishes are the same/similar to what's available at dinner (probably smaller portions).

          I had a wonderful lunch at JG. I think the $28 is for Nougatine. I ate in the dining room and ordered a la carte and paid about $130 for two with wine).

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            nope $24.07 for Nougatine and $28 in main diningroom for two plates. each additional plate is $12.....much better deal imo

          2. I had lunch two weeks ago at Bouley, and it was great. There are, I believe, two tasting menus. I had the shorter one and I had plenty of food. But there is a great feeling of luxury to a great tasting menu at lunch.

            - Sean

            1. Jean Georges and Bouley are certainly good recs. But don't forget about Eleven Madison Park. I think the room, especially at lunch, at EMP is better than any of the other three options mentioned so far.

              1. Jean-Georges gets my vote as well.

                1. i would highly reccomend Asiate for the beautiful views, setting and in my experience really delicious food and excellent service. otherwise i second Jean Georges.

                  1. i had a business lunch at joel robechon at the four seasons...i think i ate about 6 geese.

                    1. Have to second the EMP rec from earlier.

                      Eleven Madison Park is my new favorite restaurant in town since Daniel Humm took over the kitchen. Lunch midweek and brunch on the weekends are both fabulous, with some of the best cuisine in nyc and superb service.

                      The room itself has always been very nice, and now finally the food lives up to it, and even surpasses it.

                      I have also enjoyed lunch at JG and Le Bernardin. Even the less expensive charity donation lunch was wonderful at Le Bernardin, but I have to rank EMP just a wee bit higher.

                      1. I'd suggest Telepan - perhaps not "over the top" but certainly wonderful food and lovely setting. 3- course prix fixe lunch for around $28 and plenty of choices.