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Jan 4, 2007 08:01 PM

best over the top lunch in NY??

i am having lunch with a dear friend that i haven't seen in ages. both adore wonderful food and want to have a decadent lunch. not really looking for prix fixes. initial thought was l'atelier. any other ideas? thanks!

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  1. Even though it is prix fix, I happen to love Le Bernardin for a fabulous lunch that is luxurious as well.

    1. I would reccomend Jean Georges.... it gives you much more flexibity and the food and overall experience is wonderful. You choose two courses (all are tasting portions) for $28 with each additional course $12.

      1. Agree with kesues. The lunch menu at JG is the most flexible way to enjoy a haute cuisine lunch. Everything is wonderful and you can have as few as 2 or as many courses as you can eat (and pay for) at $12 more a pop.

        The room is beautiful during the day with the sunlight streaming in the windows too.

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        1. re: Senor Popusa

          i'll 3rd the JG rec !
          also, haven't been in a while but we used to go way over the top at Caviar Russe

        2. lunch at Le Bernardin is $55, but I believe the dishes are the same/similar to what's available at dinner (probably smaller portions).

          I had a wonderful lunch at JG. I think the $28 is for Nougatine. I ate in the dining room and ordered a la carte and paid about $130 for two with wine).

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          1. re: akowit

            nope $24.07 for Nougatine and $28 in main diningroom for two plates. each additional plate is $12.....much better deal imo

          2. I had lunch two weeks ago at Bouley, and it was great. There are, I believe, two tasting menus. I had the shorter one and I had plenty of food. But there is a great feeling of luxury to a great tasting menu at lunch.

            - Sean