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Jan 4, 2007 07:56 PM

Babbo veterans-need a little more help on wine

I know I recently posted a question concerning my long awaited first trip to Babbo and I appreciate the great response from everyone. I hate to "go to the well" too often but I have one other question concerning the ordering of wine at Babbo. I do not drink so I don't normally have to deal with the wine list however, I will be with people at this dinner that are wine drinkers. What is the best way to order, a separate glass for appetizers, than a bottle for dinner than a glass with dessert? Do you normally request a recommendation based upon what you are eating? I know this is a novice question but that is what I am when it comes to wine. Any and all recommendations are appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. they will help you out there and make a few suggestions...based on what you're ordering, etc...
    might suggest different wines for appetizers and entrees or something that might work for both if you wish to do it that way. ask them questions, they'll be glad to help!

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      In checking out their wine list, it does not seem like they have a lot of wines by the glass. Does this mean having to order a bottle for each course? I am assuming that there will be an acceptable wine by the glass for both the appetizer and the dessert and the bottle would be with the main courses. There is only 3 of us.

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        babbo popularized the quartino for folk who need more than a glass and less than a bottle.
        here's a link to explain what they do.
        hope this helps.

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          Thanks Steve. I have been to Otto several times so I am familiar with the quartino. Based upon the Babbo web site, it does not look like they have that large a selection of wines available by the the glass or quartino, at least relative to Otto. I think the advise from everyone to trust the sommeliers recommendations.

    2. Agreed. Not only are the sommeliers (and most of the servers) extremely knowledgeable, they are tremendously helpful. And don't be shy about price, unlike many other places, they do not give you the hard upsell.

      1. Though admittedly small, their selection of wines by the quartino is well-selected. A few days ago, they offered a Piero Busso Barbaresco for $17 that would have been tremendous at any price.

        I adore the wine staff at Babbo. Though the illustrious David Lynch no longer works the floor as a sommelier, everyone is superbly trained and knowledgeable and will point you in the right direction based on what you want to spend.

        1. Had a great dinner there last night and got two bottles off the list. There is just tons available there at all price points (yes even sub $30!) so just try different things. We got a Barbera d'Alba for our pastas and went with an older Barolo for the mains. Perusing the wine list made the wait for our guests fly by too!

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            With Babbo's long value-priced list, you could safely and lavishly order by the bottle and still come out ahead. Have a look at their wine list posted on their site and you'll see--it's a model of fairness.

          2. I recently went with my husband & he doesn't drink, so I ordered by the glass. The waiter was extremely helpful because I generally order California wines & was a little 'clueless' - the whole experience was wonderful - enjoy!