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Jan 4, 2007 07:42 PM

Best Breakfasts in Miami?

We will be there for 3 days, and need some recommendations. Too bad we will not be there over the weekend for brunch.

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  1. For a regular breakfast (not a brunch buffet):

    Icebox Cafe
    Big Pink

    1. If you're an early riser, Icebox actually opens fairly late (around 10am, no?) Very good pancakes, and the egg dishes are also yummy. Big Pink is also nice for breakfast (try the Pinky's Hollywood Breakfast - two poached eggs w/ cheese sauce, spinach and bacon served over toasty polenta sticks; or the mashed potato omelette w/ all the fixins), have never done Balans.

      For an authentic Miami experience (and one you won't be able to have soon, since it's closing in a couple months to make room for yet another condo) go to Rascal House on US1. The food is not fantastic and some claim the waitresses are surly, but the place is a landmark, the bread basket is still good, and the NEO (nova eggs and onion) is still decent too.

      Front Porch Cafe does nice granola pancakes and some other stuff is nice too. Service is often lackadaisical but the view (right on Ocean Drive) is nice.

      Cafeteria on Lincoln Road has some nice breakfast stuff including croissant french toast, lemon-buttermilk pancakes, and green eggs & ham (eggs scrambled w/ pesto & goat cheese, ham, and a biscuit).

      1. Front Porch #1 .

        Try the Breakfast Burrito or the Breakfast Sandwich on Le Chic French Bread...or anything else that tickles your toes, you can't go wrong! Ocean Drive & 14th St.

        Joe's Takeaway is pimping their breakfast and I can atest it is very good albeit limited. Wash and 1st sobe.

        Enriquetas has a killer Cuban breakfast. NE 2nd Av and 29th St Miami.

        Old Fashioned pancake House up in Aventura is A#1 if you're in that hood.

        One for the road: A la Folia a French place serving up bowls of cafe latte and other delicacies on Espanola Way in sobe.

        1. In Sobe
          Eggs Benedict at balans with ham and sausage on the side is the best single breakfast. Their other breakfasts are good.

          Cafeteria makes great eggs. Their lunch stuff is very hit and miss in general btw...

          Front Porch is great too. Very large portions btw. I would take this place over big pink for a stuff your face breakfast. Many people think FP is the absolute best on the beach and if you define best as consistency of each offering, it would be hard to argue. I would go for the breakfast biscuit corner there, but honestly, it is hard to go wrong.