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Jan 4, 2007 07:28 PM

UWS Business Lunch?

Hi, from Boston here and will be around Broadway and 79th to take a couple of clients out for lunch. Any suggestions for that area? Something moderately priced with decent food but not too noisy would be great, any cuisine considered as long as the place is relatively quiet and in the area (1-4 block radius). Thanks!

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  1. Nice Matin would be my suggestion.

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      Nice Matin can get very noisy - but should be fine at lunch time. 79th and Amsterdam. Telepan is also a great choice, but not open for lunch on monday or tuesday.

    2. I went to a business lunch at Telepan, which is a bit out of your radius - I think 69th and Columbus - but it has a $25 three course prix fixe lunch, is elegant and quiet with excellent food.

      1. Cesca would be my choice.

          1. Take a look at the Neptune Room and see if it fits your definition of "moderately priced." If it does, I highly recommend it.