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Jan 4, 2007 07:27 PM

Any Comments on Uncle Vanya?

Looking for a restaurant that is open on Sundays for early dinner near Studio 54. Seeing the Apple Tree in late January and came across Uncle Vanya as being interesting and fairly close. Any comments and or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. I happen to love Uncle Vanya; I make a point of going there if I ever get stuck in midtown. The food is delicious, very authentic-seeming (though never having been to Russia, I wouldn't know empirically; however, that said, there are always Russians in there whenever I go, so I'd say that's a good sign...). The service is friendly. Kind of a kooky atmosphere, just a tiny, cozy dining room-nothing fancy about it. My husband and I have a hard time choosing when we're there so we usually end up ordering EVERYTHING. Our favorites are usually the little dishes: Blinis with black caviar, the pelmini (sp? little dumplings filled with meat- YUM), and the stuffed cabbage rolls. Oh, and a MUST: sample their infused vodkas. They have all kinds of flavors. They're all good, but my favorite by far: horseradish! Not for everybody...

    1. I love Uncle Vanya too. It's basic Russian style cooking in a small pretty quirky room. Nothing fancy at all. Very hearty cuisine though. I also like the Pelmenis and the Chicken Kiev. It brings back fond memories of my recent trip to Russia and the Stan countries and the prices are pretty reasonable too specially for midtown. A great alternative to my usual spots on 9th Ave. Very close to Wondee Siam.

      1. On my only visit to date, the infused vodkas were great, but most of our food seemed warmed over.

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          My experience, too. The food is okay--hearty and passable, but not particularly brilliant--at least until the vodkas enter the scene. The infused vodkas are tasty. I guess if you drink enough, the food will be, too.

        2. I really love Uncle Vanya. My Russian-born boyfriend brought me there to introduce me to Russian food, and now I'm the one dragging him back as often as possible.

          Love the stuffed cabbage, the blini with salmon roe, the warm borscht and there's also some sort of pickled vegetable plate with amazing pickled mushrooms. Skip the beer, but definitely try the infused vodka.